Chinley Independent Chapel

Communicants in 1728

Mr William BAGSHAW of Ford

Mrs Mary BAGSHAWE his wife

Mrs Ann SLACK of Slack Hall

Mrs Joan SMITH of Bagshawe

Mr Arnold KYRK of Martinside

Mrs Mary KYRK of Martinside

Mrs Margaret WATERHOUSE of Martin Side

Thomas KYRK of Spire hollin

Mary KYRK his wife

Francis THOMASON of Tunsted

Mary THOMASON his wife

Katharine BROKLEHURST of Shalcross

Alice MOULT of Shalcross

Ann MOULT her Daughter

Elizabeth the wife of Henry LOMAS of Bridge Field

John KYRK of Ford

Joseph HADFIELD of Edale

Ann HADFIELD his wife

Jeremiah SANDERSON of Edale

Jane the wife of Lewis BAGSHAWE of Down lee

Ann OLERENSHAWE of Tunsted

Grace KYRK of Waley

Ralph GEE of Lydiat

Ann GEE his wife

Joan GEE their daughter

Mary GEE their daughter

Josiah BRADBURY of New field

Robert LOWE of Bradshaw Hall

John BENNET of Whitehough head

Ann BENNET his wife

William BENNET of Chinley end

Ann BENNET his wife

James CARRINGTON of Chinley house

Elizabeth CARRINGTON his daughter
























Christopher BENNET of Coat bank

Ellen BENNET his wife

Mary & Christopher BENNET junr

Susan MOULT of Naze

Francis GEE of Chinley

Elizabeth GEE his wife

Sarah GEE their daughter

Ann GEE their daughter

Mary CARRINGTON at Aston Clough

Nathan: BOWDEN of Forside 

and Alice his wife

Barnabus BAYLEY of Heafield

Elenor GRANT of Chinley

John LINGARD of Hull

Mary LINGARD his wife

Margaret LINGARD his mother

Ellen LINGARD School Dame

Ann wife of John CARRINGTON

Robert GODDARD of Chinley

Hannah GODDARD his wife

William GODDARD the clark

Ann WARD of Brownside widow

Ellen WARD her daughter

Henry MELLOR of Shireoaks

Sarah KYRK of Shireoaks

John KYRK of Shireoaks

Mary KYRK his wife

Grace KYRK their daughter

Samuel KYRK of White Knowle

Sarah MELLOR of Shireoaks

Joseph TRICKET of Malcoffe

Ann LINGARD of Malcoffe

Joseph SHIRT of Bowden head

Rachel SHIRT of Bowden head

Widow LOWE of Bowden head