Birch Vale

Zion Chapel

My thanks to Michael Spencer for these entries  


24 Jan Sarah NEWTON dau of Samuel and Ann of Windy Knowl

(no date) Ruth MARSHALL dau of George and Mary of New House

1875? 1876?

15 Aug Arthur BAND son of Arthur and Susannah of New Mills aged 9 weeks old at baptism.


25 Mar Albert BEARD son of Joseph and Matilda of Thornsett aged 7 weeks


3 Aug Martha Ann BEARD dau of John and Hannah of  Hyde, Chs aged 5 weeks

1884 (sic)

23 Nov John MELLING son of Samuel and Sarah of Pleasant Vue aged 7 weeks


29 May Martha RAMALL? dau of Isaac and Mary Ann of Birch Vale aged 5 weeks

10 Jul James NEEDHAM son of Joseph and Sarah of Ollerset

16 Oct Hannah MARSHALL dau of George and Mary E of Thornsett aged 11 months


8 Mar Edith Florence LOWE dau of John and Ellen Elizabeth of Birch Vale aged 3 months

8 Mar Lois TURNER of Henry and Sarah of New Mills aged 7weeks


13 May James BAXTER son of James Shawcross and Sarah Jane of Birch Vale aged 5weeks


24 Sep John BEARD son of Richard and Mary Elizabeth of Birch Vale