Castleton Monumental Inscriptions

Barber only

My thanks to Matt Boyson for these entries.

Here lieth the body of

Robert BARBER of Mam who died November the 28th 1778. Aged 62 years.


Here lie 2 children of Robert and Rebekah BARBER

Mary died November 2nd 1788. Aged 2 years.

Elizabeth died January 25th 1791. Aged 1 year.

Also Robert died August 14th 1797. In the 7th year of his age.

Also Rebekah wife of Robert BARBER who departed this life November 4th 1810, aged 52 years.

Also the above named Robert died September 17th 1813 aged 68 (?) years.


In Memory of

John BARBER who died March 8th 1808 aged 70 years.

Also Mary his wife who died September 23rd 1820 aged 77 years.

Also Robert their son died in his infancy.

Also Margaret their daughter who died May 14th 1774 aged 4 years.

Also Benjamin their son who died December 4th 1785 aged 11 years.

Also James their son who died April 23rd 1786 aged 9 years.

Also Robert their son who died July 4th 1820 aged 47 years.


In Memoriam

John BARBER born at Castleton November 6th 1820. Died at Manchester on February 22nd 1888.

Also Henry John BARBER who died on November 5th 1898; in the 47th year of his age.

Also of Ann, the loved wife of the above John BARBER who God called on 2nd April 1899, in her 76th year.

“In my hand no price I bring, simply to Thy cross I cling.”


In Memory of

George Ashton BARBER who died January 21st 1860 aged 3 years and 6 months.

Also Margaret Ann, who died November 27th 1872, aged 15 years.  

Also William Edward BARBER who died May 9th 1880, in the 21st year of his age. 

The children of Francis and Margaret BARBER of Manchester.

Also Margaret, the beloved wife of Francis BARBER who died December 4th 1884, in the 61st year of her age.

“Blessed are the dead in the ? of the Lord.”

Also the above named Francis BARBER who died June 16th 1901, aged 79 years.

Also Francis Isaac, son of the above Francis and Margaret BARBER who died January 1st 1928 aged 65 years.


 In memory of 

James BARBER who died June 12th 1861 aged 36 years.  His end was peace.

Also of Margaret, daughter of James and Martha BARBER who died February 25th, 1857 aged 2 years.

Elizabeth their daughter, who died December 10th, 1861 aged 2 years


In Affectionate Remembrance of

John BARBER, the beloved husband of Ann BARBER of Hathersage who departed this life March 13th 1870, aged 46 years.

Also of John, their son who died November 18th 1857, aged 13 months.

Also of Charles, their son who died July 22nd 1862, aged 4 years.

Also of Ann the beloved wife of the above John BARBER who died May 4th 1884 aged 58 years.

“Keep thy house in order for THOU shalt Die, and not live.”


In memory of

Isaac the beloved son of Joseph and Hannah BARBER who departed this life September 14th 1874, aged 19 years.

Also Barbara Ann, their daughter who departed this life May 8th 1877, aged 20 years.

Also the above named Hannah BARBER who departed this life January 6th 1880, aged 51 years.

Also George son of above who departed this life June 12th 1882, in the 19th year of his age.

Also William their son. Died January 8th 1884. Aged 22 years.

Also the above named Joseph BARBER who died March 5th 1902, aged 77 years.


In affectionate remembrance of

William Henry BARBER who died March 31st, 1881, aged 56 years.

 Also of Frank BARBER born May 21st 1868, died in infancy.

Also Ellen, wife of the above, who died May 10th, 1892 aged 62 years.  

“Looking for the mercy of our Lord-Jesus Christ unto eternal life.”

Mary beloved wife of Charles Edward BARBER who died March 28th 1894, in the 31st year of her age. 

Also Thomas Robert, husband of Annie Jane BARBER who died November 23rd 1922 aged 63 years


Annie E. Victoria, daughter of Hives and Edith BARBER died May 9th 1904, aged 6 years 10 months.

(Hivee) Winifred died December 10th 1904, aged 6 years 4 months.

Hives born August 16th 1870 died February 19th 1932 – Edith Ada Alberta BARBER wife


In Memory of

George BARBER who departed this life April 10th 1907, aged 70 years.

Esther Hide BARBER beloved wife of George. Died August 9th 1898 aged 59 years. 

Also Margaret, daughter of the above. Died May 9th 1916. Aged 44 years. 

Also of Esther Royse the beloved wife of Herbert John PALMER who died September 3rd 1935 aged 55 years.

Also Herbert John, husband of above, who died March 8th 1953, aged 71 years.


In Memory of

Joseph BARBER who died October 11th 1939 aged 63 years.

Also Alice Milinda BARBER beloved wife of Joseph, who died August  29th 1967 aged 90 years.



In Loving Memory of

Ellis Slack BARBER died April 14th 1946 aged 80 years. 

Also Jane his beloved wife who died June 27th 1911 aged 45 years.


Also Alice, daughter of the above, who died October 9th 1956. Aged 57 years.

Also Joseph, son of the above, who died June 8th 1965. Aged 73 years.


Sarah BARBER died November 22nd 1967 aged 84 years.

Henry BARBER died February 21st 1969aged 88 years.

Winifred, their daughter, died 14 August 1989 aged 82 years.