Wills of families from Charlesworth 

and Chisworth

A number of wills for the Charlesworth & Chisworth area are shown in full on the Glossop Wills page.  If the name is highlighted, just click on it to take you there.

My thanks to Michael Spencer for some of the post 1858 wills.

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Thomas BOOTH of Charlesworth, labourer: 1876

mentions: Wife Hannah

Sons Joseph (Joe); Thomas

Witnesses: John BOOTH; George BOOTH

made 1865


Edward BOTHAM of Chisworth: 1713

In the name of God Amen the ninth day of April in the eleventh year of the reighn of our sovereign Lady Queen Ann and in the year of our Lord 1713.  I Edward BOTHAM of Chisworth in the parish of Glossop and County of Derby Yeoman being wake of body but of good and sound memory blessed be God for the same do make and ordaine this my last will and testament in manor following first I give unto the mercyfull hand of God  my sole hopeing for eternall life through the merits of Christ my redeemer my body I give to the earth to be  buried in Christian manor at the discretion of my executors and hereafter named and for my worldly goods with which god hath blessed me with I dispose there of as followeth

first my mind and will is that my just debts and funerall expenses be paid and discharged out of my personall estate/

I give to ould Edward BOTHAM of Rosegrove twenty pount to bee payd att one yeres end after my death

I give to Elin MARSHALL five shillings Mary SHEPPARD five shillings Elizabeth BOWERS five shillings Mary BORDEKIN five shillings

I give to my loving wife seven pounds a yere after my death during her life to bee paid quarterly out of my tenement in Chisworth and a cow and three pound of money to bring her when and what goods shee hath a mind of in the house of house hould goods.

It is my mind and will that after my debts and legetes are paid and discharged I give to yong Edward BOTHAM at Rosegrove son to ould Edward my Tenement in Chisworth and the Reverstion of my whole estate.

I appoint make and ordane Jeremia HOLINGWORTH and Robert GODDARD of Chisworth to be my sole executors of this last will and testement confirming this and no other to bee my last will and testement in witnes where of I have sined and deleverd in the presence of us


Edward BOTHAM desired Robert GODDARD to do and fixe these legases to my will.  I give to Elizabeth BORE of Whitle five shilling.  I give to Mary BOTHAM of Chisworth five shilling.  I give to Martha BOTHAM of Chisworth 5 shilling I give to John BOTHAM of Chisworth my son Edward Clothes

April the 21. 1713 An Inventory of all and singular the goods cattells and chattells of Edward BOTHAM of Chisworth in the parish of Glossop and county of Derby husbandman lately disseased taken and valued and apprised by us who names are here unto subscribed


  £    s    d

His purse and apparel 

  0  10    0

8? cows

 10    8    0

1 mare 

  3  19    6

2 sterks, 3? calfes 

  6    5    0

Puted, brass, lead  

  1    8    0

corn & hay 

  7  10    0

fire iron & other iron ware about fire     

  1    0    0

one cofer and cubord chers boards table and forms in house 

  1    4    0

half hoop peck, half peck and all wooden ware in house  

  1    5    4

Goods in the butery

  0    8    0

Goods in the nearer parlor

  1  10    0

All the goods in the chapel 

  1  14    6

goods in the chappel chamber 

  1    6    8

goods in the parlor chamber 

  0  17    0

goods in the house chamber  

  0  10    0

eight sacks and husbandry ware in the house 

  1    9    0

in linin 

  0  14    6

goods in the stable 

  1    7    0

goods in the foloe house

  1    7    0

Goods in the garner in the barn 

  0  10    0

a tenement in Chisworth att

145  0    0

In all huslements 

  0  13    4

In corn and ploughing 

  6    0    0


199 10  10



Mary BRADBURY of Charlesworth: 1860


Sons John; Thomas; Dan 

Daus Maria; Sarah; Elizabeth


Witnesses: Goodwin PURCELL; Thomas GOODWIN 


Margaret BROOK of Chisworth: 1710

In the name of God Amen.  The fifth day  of July in the yeare of our Lord ... (one thousand seven hundred and ten  I Margaret BROOK of Chisworth in the parish of Glossop) and County of Derby being wake of body but of sound and perfect mind and memory praised be the Lord for the same I doe hereby constitute and make this my last will and testament in maner and forme following.  First and principaly I commit and commend my soul into the hands of my most mercifull father and creator hopeing by and through the merits passion and intersection of his son and my blesed savior Jesus Christ the Righteous to be eternally saved. my body I commit to the earth from whence it was taken and to be buried at the discretion of my executor heare after named and as for the estate that it has pleased god to indow me with in this life I give and dispose as heare after followeth

First I give devise and bequeath to William DOWNS of greave Clough one shilling

I give devise and bequeath to Robert DOWNS of Melor one shilling

I give devise and bequeath to Margaret GARSET and wife of James GARSET one shilling

I give devise and bequeath to Thomas DOWNS my fire irone bricks toungs and one suppeling coafer standing under the fall board and the bible.

I give devise and bequeath to Rebeca NORBURY the wife of John NORBURY of Marple my beter

which legesis gifts and bequeaths I appoint my good friend Georg SHUTELWORTH of Melor to pay unto the hands of the said legatis within the space of 12 months next after my deces and I doe ordaine constitute and make George SHUTELWORTH my sole executor of this my last will and testament revoking all other wills by mee made or supposed to have beene made.  Witness my hand and seale the day and yeare first above writen published and declared to be the last will and testament of Margaret BROOK in the presence of and witnes of us John BOOTH; Anne BOOTH; Will BOOTH

An Inventory of all and singular the goods and chattels of Margaret BROOK of Chisworth in the parish of Glossop and county of Derby widow lately deceased taken valued and appraised the eighth day of August in the year of our lord god one thousand seven hundred and tenn by us whose names are heare unto subscribed Robert GODDARD; John BOOTH; Will BOOTH


  £    s    d

Imprimis purse and apparel 

  1  10    0

In linens  

  0  15    0

In beding 

  2    1    0

for one paire of bedsteads 

  0    2    6

for goods in the parlor 

  0    8    8

one lead  

  0    1    0

in woolen wares  

  0    7    2

for chairs stools and quishons 

  0    5    2

in irone wares  

  0    4    6

for one coafer in the house 

  0    7    6



for four stone troughs and one cheese press  

  0    5    8; 10s; 3s 6d

for hustelments 

   0    5    8

Sum total 

  8  14    8


George COOPER of Hole House, Chisworth, cotton spinner: 1858


Wife Sarah

Sons: Phineas; George; Collin

Daughters: Christiana wife of Joseph CLARKSON; Margaret wife of George HETT

Executors: Wife Sarah & son Phineas

Witnesses: Joseph COOPER, farmer; Solomon SIDEBOTTOM, farmer

Will made 3rd May 1858 Proved 30 Dec 1858


John COOPER, farmer of Hilltop, Chisworth: 1877


Wife Betty

Sons: John; Cephas; George; Jesse; Joseph

Daughters: Ann HYDE; Sarah BOOTH

Brother Cephos deceased 

Executors: Sons John; George & Jesse

Witnesses: Cabel COOPER of Hilltop, Chisworth & Samuel WOOD of Holroyd, Glossop

Will made 13 Nov 1873 John COOPER died 3 Apr 1877 Will proved 16 Jul 1877


Mathew COOPER of Charlesworth:  1745

In the name of God Amen I Mathew COOPER of Chalsworth in the parish of Glossop in the county of Derby being sick & weak but of perfect mind & memory praised be God therefore yet not knowing  how soone it may please God to call for me being sencible of the frailty of human nature have thought fitt to dispose of all such Temporal Es(t)ate as it pleased Allmighty God to bestow upon me Therefore I do make this and ordain it to be my Last Will and Testament in Manor and form following first I will that all my Just Debts funerall Expenses charges of of (sic) probat hearof be fully paid and discharged.

Allso I give and Devise unto my well beloved wife Ann COOPER and her Asignes During her Widdowhood  the mesuage & Dwelling house with its Apurtenances situate in or neare the Hillgate in Stocport in the county of Chester and the medow there unto belonging now in holding of Joseph BARLOWs holding and from and after her second marriage my will is that her right to the said pmises shall cease for in such case I will an Anuity or or (sic) yearly payment of fourty shillings to be paid her out of the Rents and profits arising out of the said premises every year During her natural Life to be paid her at Two Equall payments the first payment to be within six calendar months after my Decease and from and Imediately after second marrige (subject  to the said Anuity) or death which shall first Happen Allso I give and devise unto my Eldest son Thomas COOPER the Close or Parcell of Land called the Long Shut which I am in present possion of to Enter upon it Imediatly after my Decease.  And allso from and Imediatly after my father and mother their severall deceases I do devise and give all other Lands Hereditments and premises att Stockport aforesaid wherto I am intitled on Reversion or Remaned (?) or Expectant on their deaths unto my said Eldest son Thomas and his Asigns Subject and Liable (Subject and Liable after the death of the survivor of my said father and mother to the payment of these respective sums here after mentioned that is to say I will that he my eldest son Thomas pay to my second son Benjamin COOPER the sum of thirty pounds att the Death of the survivor of my said father and mother Allso I will that he the said Thomas COOPPER my Eldest son pay unto my Daughter Ann the sum of Twenty pounds att the time aforesaid allso I will that my Daughter Ann have four pounds paid her out of the first years rent of my wifes Anuity Allso I will my son Thomas COOPPER pay unto my daughter Abigal the sum of Thirty pounds att the Time Aforesaid Allso I give unto my Loving wife Ann COOPER one Bed furnished redy with all sorts of Bed Cloths redy for Lying in her chest one Table with a Drawer in, the Round Ashe stook one Brass Kettle one chaire.  And as for my Leasehold Estate in Chalsworth I give and Bequeathe the same to my Two sons Thomas and Mathew equally Between them their Heirs Executors Administrators or Asignes During the Term in the originall Lease to Injoy as Tenants in Comon Allso I give unto my son Benjamin one Paire of Bed Stocks and my Top Coate.  and all the rest of my Goods Chattles and Aparel and money and Cattel and Personall Estate of what kind and nature so ever I Give and Bequeath unto my well beloved son Mathew COOPPER he being subject and Liable to pay my funerall Expenses and charges of Probat heareof out of the said Personall Estate Allso I do hearby nominate and Apoint My well beloved wife and my son Benjamin COOPPER to be the sole Executors of this my last Will and Testament and I do hearby frustrate and make void all other Bequests will or wills by me formerly made Ratifeing Confirming and declaring this and none other to be my Last Will and Testament as witness my hand and seale this fourteenth day of August in the year of our Lord one thousand seven hundred fourteen.

Sealed Published and declared as and for the last will and testament of the above said Mathew COOPER the testator in presence of us: James ASHTON; Thomas DAWSON; Cha: GARSIDE

Be it known to Any whom it may concern that it is my mind who am the testator that if it so Happen that Benjamin my second son or my Daughter An or my Daughter Abigal Dye without Ishue before the said money become Due and payable that then that shall be Paid to the other Two that remaine but if it so Happen that if any of the above said three do die leaveing child or children then such child or children shall enjoy the part of money left to their Deceased parent and to that child or children the money when due shall become payable.

Mathew COOPER - Hand and Seal    


Ann HOLINGWORTH of Chisworth, widow of William: 1619 


 Will & Inventory of Jeremiah HOLLINGWORTH of Chisworth, Glossop p. (Page 240 at Lichfield RO)

Will dated 27th Dec 1734 Proved 7th Nov 1738 

(My thanks to Lenice Brereton for this will)

In the name of God amen the Twenty Seventh day of December in the Eight year of King George the Seconds Reigne over Great Brittain & so forth And in the Year of our Lord Christ One thousand Seven Hundred & Thirty Four.  I Jeremiah HOLLINWORTH of Chisworth in the Parish of Glossopp and County of Derby, Yeoman being aged but of a sound mind and a disposeing understanding (Praised be God for the same) do make ordaine & Declare this my last Will & Testament in manner and forme following (Omitting all formall ceremoniall & usuall forms of words commonly compris`d in Wills touching and concerning a future state which are of no advantage to the Testator nor the essentiall part of a Will).  And as concerning my worldly estate which it hath pleased God to bestow upon me I do hereby Express and Declare my full Mind will and Intention in that behalf as followeth, And First I will Direct and Appoint that all my Just Debts funerall expenses and the charge of the Probate & Execution hereof be paid and Discharged out of my whole Estate by my Executors hereinafter named,  Item I Give leave Devise and bequeath unto my Eldest son John HOLLINWORTH his Exec[utors] & Admin[istrators] & Assigns the moiety of the Messuage Tenement Land & premises Situate Lyeing and being in Chisworth afore[said] now in the possession of the s[ai]d John HOLLINWORTH or his Assigns during the Residue and remainder of my terme and Estate therein Upon condition that he the s[ai]d John HOLLINWORTH or his Assigns pay unto the s[ai]d Testator the yearly sume of Eight pound of Lawfull money of Great Brittaine for Three Years to be accounted from the Date hereof  As also one halfe of the Leys and Lords Rent, Item I Give Leave Devise & bequeath Unto my younger son W[illia]m HOLLINWORTH all that my Messuage Tenement Lands Hereditaments and premises with the Appurtenances called and known by the name of the Lower House in the Woodseats for and during the Remainder of the terme of years mentioned in the originall Lease of the said premises As also the sume of Twenty pounds of Lawfull money of this Realme to be paid him in 6 months next after my Decease by my Executors hereinafter named  Item I Give Leave and bequeath unto my Two youngest Daughters Jane and Mary Either of them One Hundred Pound to be paid them in manner following (That is to say) it is my will and mind and I do herby order my Executors hereinafter named to putt out and Employ the Last mentioned Legacies at interest and pay the same to my said daughters when they arrive at the age of twenty one years And it is my will & mind that my Exec[utors] shall lay the s[ai]d hundred pounds for their use as they shall see fitt  And if Either ofmy said Daughters Jane or Mary happen to Dye before they Attaine the age afore[said]I do hereby order and Direct my Executors hereinafter named to Divide her or their Legacie so dyeing amongst all my children as shall be then living share and share alike Item I give Leave and bequeath unto my now Loving Wife Jane - the other moiety of the Messuage Tenament & premise in Chisworth aforesaid I now hold and Enjoy for & During the terme of her natural life in case the terme in Leases so long continue for & in lieu of her Dower & ..... at Common Law & in case she soley continues sole & unmaried & Undeted?  of an unchast and Incontinent life but if she either marry or miscarry it is my will and mind she remove from the said premises and I order my son John to pay her six pound a year during the terme of her naturall life as aforesaid in full of her Dower & Bequeath Item I give unto my younger son William HOLLINWORTH above mentioned a Bed to be Delivered unto him by my Executors hereinafter named within six months next after my Decease Item all the rest residue & remainder of my Goods Cattells Chattells and Credits in whose Hands Custody & possession the same or any part thereof can shall or may be found within the Realme of Great Brittaine, after the payment all my just debts Legacies Generall Expenses and the charge of the probate & Execution hereof I give leave and bequeath amongst all my children as shall be then Living share & share alike to be divide amongst `em after my wives decease or marriage And Lastly I nominate and appoint my said Eldest son John HOLLINWORTH and my now Loving wife Jane Executor and Executrix of this my last Will and Testament (only if my said wife happen to marry againe I appoint my son in law John SHEPLEY of Hyde in the County of Chester yeoman to be Executor in her stead & place) Hoping and confiding in them that they take care to see that these things be done & performed according to my will & mind & as I have putt and placed my trust & confidence in them, hereby Revoking & makeing void all former & other wills Testaments Legacies & bequests and this to be taken for and as my Last Will & Testament & none other, In Witness whereof I have hereunto putt my Hand & Seal the day & year first within written.

 (signed: Jeremiah HOLLINGWORTH

 William JACKSON; Samuel GARSIDE; Ottiwell HEGINBOTHOM   

Jeremiah HOLLINGWORTH Inventory

November 1st 1738  A true and perfect Inventary of all the Goods Cattells Chattells and Effects of Jeremiah HOLLINWORTH of Chisworth in the parish of Glossopp and County of Darby, late Deceased, Yeoman which were Appraised and Valued by Us whose Names are here unto subscribed the day and year above writen as followeth.


    £     s     d

First:   In Purse and Apparrell

    52   00   00   

In the House


In one fire Iron and 2 pair of Tongs and fire Shovel

    00   14   00

In one brass pan and Skelet and Possnet 

    00   08   00

In one pair of Hand hooks Chafing Dish and dripping pan and some other odd  things there 

    00   02   00

In one Salt pye, 4 chairs and 5 stools

    00   02   00

In the Pewter Shelf 8 Dishes, 2 Plates, 4 Pottengers and some other small pewter

    00   10   00

In one Cupboard

    00   06   00

In Two Tables and fourms

    00   12   00

In Two coach chairs

    00   14   00

In Wooden Ware In 3 Cheese tubbs one Washing tubb, one Churn 6 Cheese press and 7 Piggons, 4 Bowls 6 Basons 

    01   10   00

In one Clock 

    01   01   00

In one Dish Board 

    00   01   06

In the Parlour


In one Rugg one Blanket and 2 Chaff bolsters and one Feather bolster and a Chaf Bed and hangings

    00   12   00

In one Table 3 Buffets and 4 Chairs a Cloath press and a Box 

    00   10   06

In a fire pan and Backstone 

    00   02   00

In the Little Parlour


In one Bedstocks a Coverlidd, 2 Blankits, a chafe bed a chaff bolster a feather Bolster and a feather pillow 

    00   10   00

In one Table a Stool 

    00   02   06

Chamber over little Parlour


In one Pair of Bedstocks and Bedding 

    00   10  00

In one Coffer a little Table a Swine Turnell and Dalion

    00   04   00

In 3 Rogers one Gauage, 3 chissels etc. 

    00   03   00

Chamber over Great Parlour


In one Bed and Bedding to it

    03   00   00

In one other Bed and Bedding to it (that is) Bed stocks and blew hangings a rugg, 2 blankets a feather Bed, a Chaf Bed a feather Bolster and a Chaf one 

    02   10   00

In two Coffers, a little Coffer a tresl and 2 ceil`d chairs

    00   10   00

In a piece of White Leather

    00   01   06

The Chamber over the House


In one Meal Ark 

    00   04   00

In one other Meal Ark and 13 Cheese Breads, Weighs, Weigh-Ceane a Counter

    00   11   06

In 3 hundred of Cheese

    02   08   00

In the Kitchen


In one Cheespress, Kneading Turnell and Mooding Board

    00   10   00

In one Mattock 2 Axes a Great Hammer a Crocks etc.

    00   04   00

In the Barn


In Corn and Hay

    10   00   00

In two pair of Chains, 4 Swingle trees and 1/2 of a Collar and Share, one pair of fore Geers and some halms

    00   08   00

In two Arks and half a phan, a half hoop, 6 Pitch forks, a Shickle etc

    00   04   04



In one pair of Shod Wheels, half of the Cart Chest and half a Plough

    01   15   00

In two Harrows 

    00   04   06

In four Cows

    12   10   00

In two Heifers 

    06   10   00

In two Twinters and two Calves 

    04   10   00

In one Colt 

    03   10   00

In one Mare

    04   15   00

In one Swine 

    01   05   00

In Money oweing upon Bond

   119  00   00

In Money owing by Bill

   100   12  00

In Money owing upon Single Contract 

    05   04   00

In more money Oweing 

    00   06   00

In more Money owing by MortGuage

    10   00   00

In the moiety of Chisworth Tenement

    40  00  00

And Woodseats Tenement

    25   00   00

In all other things not Named or forgotten as Husslements

    00   05   00

Sum of the Inventory

   414   02   10

In two Bills more

     12   00   00

True Inventory

   426   02  10

Appraisers John SUMNER; John WAGSTAFFE

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John HOLLINGWORTH of Chisworth, yeoman: 1811

Synopsis of Will - dated 20 Aug 1810

John HOLLINGWORTH of Chisworth, yeoman, .... after debts paid I give and bequeath all my household goods, cattle, chattels and other personal estate unto my son in law James MOORES of Marple in the county of Chester, weaver and John BRADDOCK of the same place, Gent. ........ upon trust to permit and suffer such part thereof as my wife shall make choice of to be used and enjoyed by her ........ my widow.  Also I give her use of one room of my present dwelling house and use of the kitchen pump and other suitable conveniences.  Also I give to James MOORES of Marple and John BRADDOCK All that my lease hold estate whereon I now live and which I hold by lease under Bernard Edward HOWARD Esquire.  [The will goes on to say that James MOORES & John BRADDOCK are to offer his son Jeremiah his leasehold estate (with HOWARD`s permission) `for the sum of £60 subject to a deduction thereout after the rate of £10 p.a. from the date of this my will to the day of my death but if he shall not chuse to accept thereof then my will is the same shall be disposed of to such of my daughters (except my daughter Betty) as will give the best price`.  If no offers are made then sell.  Bequests: 

To daughter Mary wife of Thomas SHEPLEY £16

To daughter Lettice wife of John HYDE £25

To daughter Jane wife of James MOORES £46

To daughter Hannah wife of John BOOTH £46

To daughter Rebecca wife of Joseph BOOTH £46

To daughter Nancy wife of John THORNILY £46

All the rest and residues of the said monies to be given equally among all these daughters plus

daughter Betty wife of James STANNEY `share and share alike`.

The trustees (& Executors) James MOORES of Marple, weaver and John BRADDOCK of Marple, Gent. to have a reasonable allowance for their expences.]

(signed) John HOLLINGWORTH (X) his mark

Witnesses: John WOOD; William BOTTAM; An ECCLES (?)

John HOLLINGWORTH died 3 Sep 1810

Oath signed 16 Feb 1811  Will Proved 20 Feb 1811


Margaret HOLLINGWORTH of  Moorside, Chisworth, widow: 1623


Sarah PURCELL of Davenham, Cheshire now of Charlesworth, Derbys: 1861


Husband Rev. Goodwin PURCELL

Brother Joseph LEA of Davenham

Sons Joseph Goodwin and James George

Property at Witton.

Margaret MEACHIN

Witnesses: John GILMAN; Joseph MALPAS; Elizabeth ROWBOTTOM 


Moses ROWBOTTOM of Chisworth: 1859



Lord Edward HOWARD

Cecily ROWBOTTOM my son James widow




Witnesses: Geo DRAKE, Dissenting Minister; Alexander MAXWELL of Dinting, Railway Station master 

Tho Michael ELLISON Commissioner for Oaths.


John SAVILLE of Charlesworth: 1864


Daughters: Hannah ROWBOTTOM; Mary ARMFIELD


Son Joseph`s daughter Ann

John; Stephen; Mary; Hannah; Jemima (presume SAVILLE - this is not made clear.  He mentions three daughters but does not make clear in the Will who John and Stephen are.  However a later reference confirms Stephen as a son).

Ann SAVILLE my granddaughter, spinster

Witnesses: John GILMAN; Elizabeth ROWBOTTOM; John WOOD  Will made 1860


William SHAW Charlesworth cattle dealer: 1873

 mentions: wife Rachel

friend Joseph DEWSNAP of Hargate Hill, Charlesworth

Eva SHAW natural dau of my dau Emily

children Chas Wm SHAW, John James SHAW, Clara SHAW

Witnesses: John BROOKS Solr. of Ashton u Lyne; John Hall BROOKS of Hill Bank, Hyde


Betty SHEPLEY of Chunall, Glossop p., farmer: 1869


to son William the farm which I hold under Lord HOWARD

Son James


Executors: John NIELD of Chunall; John BRADBURY of Whitfield

Witnesses: Harvey SIMPSON; John BRAMHALL


John SLACK of Chunal: 1709


George SWINDELL of  Chisworth, beer seller: 1858


Hannah wife of James SMITH

Brothers Samuel; Thomas; John

"if brother Thomas SWINDELLS daughter does not return from Australia"

Nephew George son of Joseph SWINDELL

Joseph DEAN

Witnesses: John SHEPLEY; John ASHTON of Chisworth, coal miner; Joseph WOOD

Thomas Michael ELLISON Comissioner

Executors: James CLAYTON; Abraham ASHTON