Notes for Chinley Chapel Baptisms

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Differences between Marion Wilkinson`s transcript & the church one can be found at:  MW Notes

Margin notes `Nov 12th Saml ADKIN sworn to ye office`; c23 Nov 1822 `Settled with Saml 8d in hand Do 2/6`; c7 Nov 1824 `Made a collection for Saml £1. 5. 5 short (Chin) Recd 11 13? 7/6 - 2/111/2 owing to me`; c 22 Oct 1825 `Settled with Saml (due 12d) due to me 8/2`; c20 Apr 1826 `Made a collection for the Clerk £1. 6. 0 - 15. 6 = 10. 6 laid down by me - this note should have been made p49`; c 18 Jan 1829 `Made a collection for Saml`; c 28 Feb 1830 `Settled with Saml ATKIN [plus amounts] 

1. `After he and his wife had confessed their sin of fornication and expressed their repentance for it before witnesses I bapt the child of Harry HALL my old servant`

2. `And the same day I bapt a ch. Of Charles KIRK after he and his wife had made a penitent confession of the same sin`

2a.`After the parents had made a penitent confession of the heinous sin John the son of James and Phebe GODDARD was Baptised in the presence of many Witnesses at William CARRINGTON`s at Ashton Clough`

3. Location Breck `in the house belonging to Coll. BAGSHAW of Ford`

4. Location Chinley `nr to the house where Mr John BENNET the methodist preacher lived`

5. Location Chinley `at the house where old William BENNET  liveth`

6. `I baptised an infant of Joseph PLATT, tennant to Mr COOPER my brother in law and the inf. Name was called Joseph`

7. Location Ch. Milton `at the house of John OLDENSHAW at whose house he then lived`

7a. `commonley called John DARBY`

8. Location Chapel en le Frith `living at his brother John`s house`

8a. `Baptised at the House of John DEAN? near the New Smithy in Chinley`

8b. `a Scotsman and who was at the baptising of his child the Gardener at the Ford in Chappel-le-Frith parish was baptised at Wash near to the Ford?`

9. Location `at Mr LEE`s house near Wash`

10. `Born of a woman servant living in John WALKER`s family and after she signified her repentance for her crime of bearing a child not begotten in lawful wedlock`


11. `Baptised at Joseph SHIRT`s house, Inn Keeper at Miltown in Chinley`

12. `At the sign of the Packhorse nr Four Lane Ends Chinley`

13. `As a sub tenant under Josiah BARNS`

14. `At the house he rents under Mr John MOULT, Naze, Chinley`

14a. Wording not clear - could be grandfather who lives in Chinley `baptised at the house where his father Obadiah PORRITT lived in Chinley`

15. `the daughter of one GIBSON who lives at or near Bullock Smithy (now Hazel Grove) and who carries potware to sell.  C. At Joseph SHIRT`s Innkeepers`

16. Location `which place is either in Chapel-le-frith or Hope parish but bordering on each of them`

17a. `Begotten of her body by John LINGARD of Hull End in Chinley who owns himself the father`

17b. `Who then lived under Mr HEGINBOTHAM the landlord of that part`

18. `A bastard child begotten on her body by one LOMAS of Mainstonefield Hse`

19. `The said William MCQUIRE son of Wm of Wash born 3rd Nov 1771`

19a. Baptised at house in Bugsworth where his father George MELLOR lived.

20. `C. At the house of Joseph SHIRT Inkeeper, Milton`

20a Commonly called John DERBY


21. `Was baptised at Higher Cliff house belonging to Imanuel MOULT of Naze in Chinley`

22. `In the house belonging to the trustees for the chapel`

23. `By confession begot by Uriah STAFFORD whose residence is in Beard hamlet`

24. `Whose husband is Robert LOMAS (as reported ) has been absent from her for above these three years past, but the father who begot the child to whom she has sworn it is one William OLDHAM of Heafield`

25. `A Scotsman who married John BRADDOCK`s daughter`

25a. `Baptised by me at the House where his father lives in Chapel who is the Dyster at Chapel Miltown Mill`

26. `Martha the daughter of Simeon BRIERLY Breeches-maker, begotten on the Body of Ann OLIVER Daughter of Joseph OLIVER, Baker`

27. `Whose husband is Isaac LOMAS`

28. `His wife`s name or the mother of the child was I think COLLIER`

29. `Living at a house in the field belonging to Laneside`

30. `Lives under Emanl MOULT at a house of his near Naze`


 31a. `reputed father of whom is Gilbert LEES of Wash`

31b. `Living at the new house belonging to John CARRINGTON`

32. `Living at the house lately belonging to Joseph BROWNHIL and now purchased by Obediah PORRITT in Chinley`

32a. `Note that notice was this day for the people at Chinley Chapel to provide for themselves a stated Minister to officiate at Chinley Chapel.  I Willm HARRISON Minister at the place intending to decline public service there`.

33. `At Joseph SHIRT`s after she had confessed to the sin of adultery before witnesses`

33a. After this baptism the statement `An account of what Children have been Baptized since the Duty came on the 1 of October 1785`

34. `At George MELLERS in Bugsworth`

35. `A poor traveling begging salor belonging to Liverpool the child was born in a swine crew in Bugsworth`

36. `A bastard child she had with George MELLER`

37. `Whose husband died a month ago`

37a. `a poor solder with his (?) wife macking his .........& as she went through at John FORD`s, The Angel`

37b.Gap in reg. as if intending to add others here

37c. `the first living child of William & Martha SUTCLIFFE at Chinley in the parish of Glossop and County of Darbyshire born August 28th twenty minutes before 6 o`clock at night, baptized September 30th by the Rev. Mr. BENNET late Minister at the Pavement, London who first preached a sermon ............`

38. `After the parents had expressed their repentance for the sin of fornication`

39. `After the parents had professed their repentance for the sin of fornication`

40.  Died aged 1 ¾ in Stockport 


41. `After confession of repentance & faith`

41a. `After she had made a profession of repentance before witnesses - the father is Isaac WATTS of Rushup Edge

42. `After the parents had made profession of Repentence for the sin of fornication`

42a. `After she had made a penitential confession of the sin of fornication`

42b. `After the parents had made a penitential acknowledgement of the sin of Fornication & given promises of amendment of life`

43. `After she had made a penitential act of her sin and after her parents had engaged to see the child religiously educated`

43a Out of order in register.

44. Both twins died within a few days

44a. Note in register says `see page 16` where there is an identical entry except one year earlier.  Also this entry comes before the previous one for FORD so slightly out of order.

44b. `1st child died witht Baptism`

44c. `Born Port Arlington, Ireland`

44d. Entered at bottom of page

44e. `After a profession of repentance for the sin of fornication and of her resolution to join with her mother in att. to the religion and educ. of the child`

44f. Entered at bottom of page.  `Christened by Rev. Wm Evans of Stockport`

45. Baptised at Methodist Chapel, Whaley Bridge

45a. `Inserted at the request of the parents`

46. `Son of John STAFFORD mason of New Mills` `After the mother had professed her repentance for the sin of fornication`

46a. Whole entry added as a note at the bottom of the page - baptised at St. James`s Church, Toxteth, near Liverpool.

47. Whole entry added as a note at the bottom of the page - baptised at Methodist Chapel New Mills

48. `After the parent had professed her repentance and her father engaged to educate the child`

49. This one descendant of Grace MURRAY - John Wesley`s lady love

50. `Son of John BARNES of Bugsworth - After the mother had professed her repentance and John BARNES of Bugsworth had engaged to see the child religiously educated` Out of order in reg.

51. `Daughter of Daniel BUCKLEY Chapel en le Frith - The father of H.M. Wm MELLOR having engaged to educate the child`

51a Bapt. at Disley.  Note at bottom of page `Inserted at the request of the parents 20 June 1829`

52. `After a profession of repentance and her parents had engaged to adopt the child`


Marion Wilkinson who has extracted the HADFIELDS from the registers has some details that differ.

MW1 Date of baptism 31 Dec 1728 & `of Banner`

MW2 `bapt at Bradshaw Hall at Robert LOWES by JC`

MW3 `bapt at house he then lived in`

MW4 `of Chappel Miltown in Chinley at his house`

MW5 `of  Miltown in Chinley at his house`

MW6 Date of baptism 26 Feb 1784

MW8 Date of birth 6 Mar 1794

MW9 Date of birth 11 Apr 1803 Baptism 17 Apr