Derwent Woodlands Burials

Overseers Extracts - 1744 &

Militia List of 1819

My thanks to Michael Spencer for these extracts

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27 Mar Wright WILSON of High House, Derwent aged 5


28 Oct Catherine THORP of Derwent Inn aged 53


12 Dec Charles WILSON of Derwent Hall aged 43


9 Feb John William DAWSON of Bridge end, Woodlands aged 11m 24 days


17 Aug George RAMSDEN of No 3 Court, Spital St., Sheffield aged 31

28 Nov Selina THORP of 192 Chester Rd., Hulme, Manchester aged 29


4 Mar Charles WILSON of Sheaf Gardens, Sheffield aged 73


10 Jun Henry THORP of Holmsfield aged 28


5 Aug Elizabeth TAGG of Ronksley Woodlands aged 84


25 Apr Bertha ELLIS of Yorkshire Bridge Inn, Bamford aged 5 days

30 Apr Emily ELLIS of Yorkshire Bridge Inn, Bamford aged 12 days


26 Jul Myra Priscilla ELLIS of Nether Hallam, Sheffield aged 8 weeks

2 Nov Louisa Mary ELLIS of Lady Bower, Derwent aged 2


6 Jan Annie THORPE of Crooks, Sheffield aged 24

6 Apr Annie Priscilla THORPE of Crooks, Sheffield aged 3 months


4 Feb Mary Hannah FIELDING of North Lees, Outseats, Hathersage aged 33

2 Jul Mary THORP of White House, Ashopton aged 94

23 Jul John THORP of White House, Ashopton aged 69

6 Nov George SHEPHERD of Gillott Hey, Woodlands aged 60


13 Mar John CAMERON of Abbey Farm, Derwent aged 50

19 Mar Martha THORP of Old House, Derwennt aged 87


19 Jun James RAMSBOTTOM of Derwent aged 63


24 Jan Ada ROWARTH of Snake Inn, Woodlands aged 11

11 Apr Thomas BRADBURY of Yorkshire Bridge, Bamford aged 81

15 Nov Joseph William ELLIOTT of Derwent aged 19 months Died at Sheffield 12 Nov

4 Dec Sarah Ann WALKER of Hayfield aged 50


1 Feb Ada PRIESTLEY of Abbey Grange, Derwent aged 23

22 Dec Mary ROBINSON of Cliff Farm, Upper Hallam, Sheffield aged 55


20 May William THORP of Hope aged 62

23 May Joel SHEPHERD of Derwent Bridge end farm aged 74

30 Jun Christiana ELLIOTT of The Ashes, Derwent aged 70

2 Oct Clara THORP of Upper Hallam aged 24


7 Jan Eleanor WAIN of Birchinlee, Derwent aged 17


12 Aug James William Arthur MARSDEN of Arundel Hotel, Queens Rd, Sheffield aged 7m

8 Oct Mary WILSON of Derwent aged 20

13 Oct Isaac LONGDEN of Derwent Woodland aged 72

26 Oct Xenia Margaret MARSHALL of Ashopton aged 3m

31 Oct Rosamund BLACKBURNE of Shireowlers, Derwent aged 1 day

7 Dec infant son of Wright THORP aged 1 day


31 Jan infant of Willis BRIDGE of The Wood, Woodland, Derwent aged 28 hrs

23 Mar Mary SHEPHARD of Bridge End, Derwent aged 73

4 Jun Ellen ELLIS of Ladybower Inn aged 52

12 Jun Joseph ELLIOTT of Derwent aged 74

6 Aug Amy ROWARTH of Snake Inn, Derwent Woodlands aged 6

16 Sep Joseph CROSSLEY of Derwent Woodlands aged 4y 6m


24 Jul George Frederick SMITH of 90 Brunswick rd, Brightside aged 1m

6 Dec Mary Jane THORP of Ashopton aged 46


5 Mar Henry GORDON of Birchinlee aged 60

29 Mar William BROWN of Birchinlee hut, 45 - killed on the line 26th by the engine

5 Sep James WILKINS of Birchinlee aged 51 - found at Ronksley partly in river.

20 Sep David WAIN of Birchinlee Farm aged 65

12 Dec Mary RAMSBOTTOM of Thornton Vicarage, Middleton aged 79


25 Feb George BARRANCE of Hut 35, Birchinlee aged 53 yrs

5 Jul John WILLIAMS of Birchinlee Village aged 65

13 Jul Elizabeth HODSON of The School House, Derwent aged 51

16 Jul Sarah Ann BLACKBURN of Jubilee Cottage, Derwent aged 49

19 Jul Ambrose DRONFIELD of Woodlane Farm, nr Bamford aged 87

29 Sep William WHITE of Hut 80, Birchinlee aged 46

11 Dec a man found hanged in the barn at Parkin Fields name unknown about 55

21 Dec John TAYLOR of Birchinlee aged 22 - killed by falling down the trench Dec 17th.


Burials Derwent Woodlands - Birchinlee

Birchinlee was the village which was built to house the workers at Howden & Derwent Dams


21 Aug Frederick ATKINS of The Huts, Birchinlee aged 4 hours

21 Oct John JAMIESON of The Huts aged 45


23 Oct Thomas Henry BLAKE of The Huts aged 7 days


 Mar Frank HILLMAN of The Huts aged 60

29 Mar John WEBB of The Huts aged 27

20 Jul Sarah Jane BRADSHAW of No 31 Hut aged  24 

10 Sep James CATANY of No 20 Hut aged 63

15 Oct George HILL of No 6 Hut aged 3

23 Nov Lily Elizabeth HOODLESS of No 63 Hut aged 13 months

28 Dec Thomas DUNN of No 6 Hut aged 60


22 Mar John Harold DUFFIELD of No 56 Hut aged 17

4 Jul C. ANDREWS of No --- Hut aged 30

8 Jul Lucy CONDUIT of No 15 Hut aged 3

12 Jul George HOLT of No 78 Hut aged 9 months

23 Jul George FOREMAN of No ---- Hut aged 35

up to Sep 21 James Richard LEE of No 62 Hut aged 30 months

21 Sep John HILLETT of No 29 Hut aged 72

30 Sep George Thomas WALKER? of No 22 Hut aged 39

23 Nov Frederick KING of No 74 Hut aged 18 months

31 Dec Mary Elizabeth OUGHTON of No 16 Hut aged 2

Overseers Extracts

`This hamlet now lies under water, but at one time the place had a life as the Overseers Accounts of 1744 show. William HOBSON was the Overseer of the Poor that year, and he mentions certain people from Darwent that some of you may recognise. Here are some extracts from this High Peak hamlet.  William HOBSON did not date his accounts.`

Paid for widdow HALLEY Board 52 weeks at 1s and 6d a week 3/18/0d

Paid to Alice SMITH for 5 yards of hemp cloth for widdow HALLEY 2 Shifts 4/7d

Paid to Elizabeth MEMOT for makeing widdow HALLEY 2 shifts 6d

Paid to Peetar HARKARD? for mending widdow HALLEY Shoes 10d

Paid to widdow HARGE? for threed for to mend widdow HALLEY cloths 2d

Paid to Zachry YELLOT for a new apron for widdow HALLEY 11d

Paid to Thomas YELLOT for Dyeing widdow HALLEY apron 4d

Paid to Edmund BARBER for the Lads Board 52 weeks at 1s and 1d a week  2/16/4

Paid to Edmund BARBER for 2 new shirts for the lad and the making of it 2/6

Paid to Edmund BARBER for lining cloth buttons and thread to make ye lad clothe 8d

Paid to Thomas YELLOT for making the lads clothes 2/-

Paid Thoms YELLOT his Dues for Clarking 15/-

Paid for getting Ann CHAPMANS 13 day Delph of fewel ¾

Paid John FOX for leading peat and rushash for Ann CHAPMAN 3 days 3/-

Paid George WALKER for 2 lode of Coles for Ann CHAPMAN 2/-

Paid Dennis TYM for boards and mending Ann CHAPMANS door 2/-

Paid Thomas LAVER for neals to mend Ann CHAPMANS door 1d

Paid Joseph THORP for getting rushash and thacking Ann CHAPMANS house 3/10?

Paid Peeter HAUKARD for a new pair of shoes and one pair soald and heeld for the lad 2/2

Paid for ale at the highways 10/-

Paid upon the aCount of Mary LITTTLEWOOD 4/-

Paid Mr Joseph GREAVES for writing the Duplicate 8/-


Militia List of 1819

The following names appear "for the parish or place of Derwent" in 1819.

Listed under "Schedule B " List of persons between 18 and 45, it records only males, and makes mention of the fact that some have already served in the militia.It gives ages, occupations, number of children and persons claiming exemptions with reasons.

Joseph BRIDGE farmer 32 6 children

Edward DAWSON lab. 27

Matthew DAWSON servant 19

John FOX farmer 30

John HALL? servant 25

Daniel ROSE lab. 21

John THORP (Barn) servant 26

Henry THORP farmer 27 one child

John THORP (Mill) servant 24

George THORP servant 23

William TOMASSON yeoman 30

John THORP lab. 21

John WAIN lab 20

Persons Claiming Exemption

John COTTERILL yeoman 32 six children

Abraham THORP farmer 42 infirm

(both the above" Ballotted, provided one substitute or paid fine ")

William THORP servant 36 infirm

William THORP farmer 35 two children, infirm

 Appeal at Rutland Arms,Bakewell 19 Nov 1819

William THORP Headborough.


 In 1821 those claiming exemption were;

Henery THORP Poor two children

Abraham THORP bad knee

William THORP servant, broken leg

Benjamin THORP labourer,poor

William THORP farmer infirm in thigh

John THORP Barn, servant served Local militia

Edward DAWSON 28,servant served Local Militia.