The Diary of George BOOTH

1832 - 34

February 3rd 1832 This House was built in the year 1829 and we came into it a little before midsummer 1830.  We altered our shippon in the spring of 1831 it was in the begining of November 1831 that Old HARRISON`s Mill was washed down by the bursting open of the Lodge. and by which three persons lost their Lives Two Girls and a young Man; my granmoth died in 1828 about the month of September and was buried at Charlesworth.  John TAYLOR & Martha BOOTH were Married at Glossop in the spring of 1830; Robert BOOTH & Joseph WILLIAMSON were made Bankrupts in the year 1830 etc. etc. 

Febr 1832 It was last summer that I and my Mother went to Liverpool.  By the Steam Carriages we went in the three and sixpenny Carriages and came Back in the five shilling ones we Lodged at Mrs JOHNSON`s in Regent Street where we met with a many Friends, and Neighbours with Mr & Mrs FOX young Adam and some of Mrs FOX`s Daughters the and us did not lodge at the same house but in the same Street. we went on the Friday before Mottram Wakes and on the Friday following I set out with James DEARNALEY and George CHEETHAM for Bangor & we went on the William the Fourth Steamer Fares Five shillings and Ten and Six Pence Ours the lesser Price, we arrived a little above the Bridge about 8 O clock we were landed in a boat and went down to David HUGHS, where we took up our Lodgings we had a safe Journey though rather rough and wet we could very distintly see the wreck of the Roth-Say Castle Steamer in the Bay of Beaumorris. we also went to Caernarvon taking a peep at the Castle we went to the Bath Hotell and I well remember seeing a certain person there. we came Back at night over the Bridge to our lodging and the next morning being Sunday we went to Beaumorris church where the Bishop of Bangor Preached a Charrity Sermon much to our satisfaction on the following day we returned to Liverpool on board the Prince Llewelin Steamer, where I found my Mother very Poorly but she getting a little better we came home on the wednesday After my Mother was taken very ill again soon after we came home and was not expected to recover, but after about Six weeks she came round again.  Saturday Feby 25th 1832 My Cousen Betty GEE died yesterday morning having been ill only a few days of a Fever.  Accompanied with an Inflamation and a many more persons are ill of the Fever at this time William STANNEY has been Married at Glossop since Christmas to a Miss ROWBOTTAM of the Meadows and a little before that James HIGGINBOTTAM of Twitches was Married to one of her sisters of the same place; Thursday March 1st 1832 Last night Mr Josiah CHEETHAM was driving at a furious rate between Mottram and Miebrook when near to the latter place he fell from his gig and died in a few hours after:  Saturday March 10th 1832 the foudation of Thomas RATCLIFFE`s House was laid in part this affernnoon.  I have taken the Stone leading at Three shillings per Rood and am performing the said bargain: Glossop church is now about to be new seated the job is lett to Edward HARRISON and I think a man named THORP; My Brother William was Married when this house was being Finnished in being winter 1829. Matthew BROCKLEHURST`s Wife Died March 16th 1832 and was Buried the monday after it being the day but one before the Fast Day. And Matthew Died April 5th same year and was Burried on the 7th, each day of interment being uncommonly wet.

I Bought a weigh Beam & 2 1/4 cwt of weiths at BAILY`s sale at the bernow Bridge. March 14th 1832 Price of Beam 17 shillings weights 8s per cwt

Apl 11/32 Today and yesterday I have been building a wall as a Spur against the Weir.

James JACKSON has been Fined a few weeks back concerning a Badger Bait and refusing to let the Officers into his house it being an October Beer Shop. Fine with costs about £7.

George SWINDELS came to sell Ale at fatting-heys this spring, to Sidebottams House.

Joseph BOOTH opened his shop latter end of last year

Samuell ROWBOTTOM opened a Beer Shop this Spring

Henry MELLOR was turnd of from COOPERS last week for Drinking

I planted six young Larch Firs last month in the Garden

There is a Dreadful Fever rageing at this time in and about Charlesworth.

William WILDE & SHAW were Tried last month at Derby for killing Swan and Both aquited.

Apl 17th I have this morning putt a small Window into the Back Wall of the little Dairy

James BEARD was to have Entered upon Widow BARKER`s Farm at Cown-Edge, but was refused by the heads of the Town on the supposition that his large Family might become chargeable to the Township.

Apl 17th/32 William ADAMSON was Buried this forenoon at Charlesworth he died last Thursday

I have been raising the Garden Wall to day Between the Coal-ruck and the Garden Gate.

Last week I put a Drain acros the road leading into the Meadow.

Moses HARRISON`s  Cart was Robed it is said of about Six pounds worth of Yarn, he had left the Cart to stand all night Loaded opposite Benjamin RATCLIFF`s

Potatoes are uncommonly low priced this Spring

April 28 Daniel THORNELEY`s Wife Died to Day

April 29 Mr ADAMSON improved the Death of his Son Mr William ADAMSON this Afternoon

May 3rd Daniel THORNELEY`s Wife has been burried to day at Charlesworth

My Father and I have built that Garden Wall over again leading to the Dam this Spring

Me and my Brother Ralph put a Stone Drain acros the nearer Lee this Spring

April 26/32 An action was brought into the Chapel Court and an attempt made to recover the Expense of an Attorney`s Letter but was thrown out as unrecoverable in that Court.

Thomas WOOLEY`s Wife at the Church Inn in Mellor Died  last month being April, Buried April 26th

May 3/32 That part of the Wall near Broadbottam Bridge is now being built up by David ROWBOTTAM and John STAFFORD the Old Counselor took the work for about £40 and then sold it to STAFFORD and David it is said for £2 - it is that part belonging to the Township of Charlesworth

Two men Father and Son were murdered at Green Field in Saddleworth last month.

Joseph BOOTH was Married to Hanah COOPER last month

Solomon BOOTH or Sol at Squires served the last month at Knutsford Treading Mill for robbing Jack at Slack.

A Stone to commemorate Matlock`s Leap was fastened in the wall by the river side a little above Marple Bridge on the Derbyshire side, on this occation there was a Mare chosen (I suppose the first Mare there ever was at Marple Bridge of this sort) and a regular Mare`s Walk consisting of the Mare (John KIRK) and a great many of the neibouring Gentlemen affter the walk the partook of a good Dinner at one of the Inns. which was paid for out of a subscription raised for that purpose this took place last Easter Monday.

May 9th The Furniture etc of the late Matthew BROCKLHUSH have been by Auction By Mr PRESTON to Day

May 9th 1832 The House of the late Matthew BROCKLEHURST of Charlesworth was Lett last night by Ticket to George BROCKLEHURST of Charlesworth it is said for the sum of £36.10s for the Term of Seven Years

James OLLERENSHAW of Gamesly has this month Sold his House, which has been built about two years; with the Good will of about 15 Acres of Land at about £11 per year, by private contract to one Thomas BEARD, for the sum of £240.

Daniel THORNLY of Borefold has Burried his wife this month at Charlesworth.

Yesterday May 13th James BEARD had the food fortune to get part paid for some Drink which had been Stolen out of his pig cote about twelve months since by a few of his friends who did it only for a joke, they drank the Drink and then sent the emty Bottles back

I Flitted John PARKER last thursday from Fatting Heys to the Woodseats.

There is now a road being made between Rose Greave Coal Pitt and the Hodge by Old GLOSTER at the expense of Messrs THORNELEY & MATLEY

May 14th 1832 The first Aniversary of the Glossop Temperance was held in the Methodists Chapel at Glossop on the Fair Day May 7th;

Minnisters were defeated by a large Majority on the first Question of the Reform Bill being put to the Committee in the House of Lords on Monday May 7/32

My Father and I took a cow which we had bought off STANNEY`s to Stockport Fair first of this month we sold her to John oth top oth Moor for a Man at Hatherlow

May 19th My Father Bought a cow off James JACKSON in the begining of this month and has laid her with Thomas GEE.

May 24th James HIBBERT of Marple killd a man with fighting to defend himself. his wife and wife`s sister from bad usuage, he was Liberated

Robin CLARKE Died at the Old Dukes in the begining of this week.

The creditors of James BEARD of Marple Bridge have for the last three days been selling his Goods Furniture, Stock etc.

May 28th BOWERS House has bee reflagged to day by BOWERS & my self.

29th I began this morning to put down some Flags and to put up a lot of Stone Steps in our Old Pott shop with an intent to lay it to BOWERS`s House

June 2nd Yesterday my Father bought 6 loads of Meal (at 28s/3d) off John BRAY which was set up in a chamber in RAFFOLDS Yard I brought five load and left one until next Friday.

June 4 Mr William BEARD of Albion Mills cut his throat yesterday about noon.

5th June the Reforn Bill for England was read the third time last night in the House of Lords.

6th of June I have this day paid to Joseph WOOD an account of Ten Pounds two Shillings and Sixpence being the whole of what my Father owed him.

William THORNLEY of Gamesly is engaged two nights a week in teaching a number of young lads to sing.

Sunday June 10th I have been this evening at Hadfield Chapel to hear a Charity Sermon Preached by A Mr. FORSYTHE of Delph (and Gave 1/-)

Moses COOPER has been married to day at Glossop to Jane BOOTH June 11/31 (sic)

Old WARDLOW`s Servant at Bottany has been Delivered of a child a few days since.

Mr Henry MARSLAND has been enlargeing his Barn in the Hague, this month. Done by David ROWBOTTAM & STAFFORD

June 18th My Brother William`s Wife is come over to our house to day to stop a while for her health.

June 18th 1832 Young James JACKSON`s House at Simondley was was Broken into yesterday and almost every Lock Broken, it is supposed in search of money, it being the Second time in Twelve months. and Both failures

June 19th I have had a very narrow escape of being Drowned to day in the Low Wood-hole while bathing

23 There is a grand Performance of Musick and Singing to night at James HILL`s to the Honour of James BEARD and Thomas BENNETT. Mr BARNES is present and CHADWICK

Sept 10th My Grandfather died this afternoon.

Thursday Sept 13th, My Grandfather has been Burried to day

Thomas HIGGINBOTTAM of Marple Bridge was Buried a few weeks hence at Marple Bridge Chappel, I was at the Funeral

Oct 3 Yesterday and to day I have been leading slate from John WOODs Pitt at Bradshaw for Thomas RATCLIFFE (1 1/4 Rood) from there

We had the the Honour of seeing Lord CAVENDISH on the 19th of Sept he came to Comstall Bridge to meet the Electors, he`s a poor speaker

Oct 10th Me & my Brother Ralph are now Getting stone for to enlarge the House occupied by BARRAT

Oct 11th We were were thrown into a state of great alarm last night for the safety of the Mill and Adjoining Houses it appears that Henry ROWBOTTAM was snufting a candle rather carelessly and lett the snuft drop among the ends of Cotton which suddenly took fire and which might have proved fatal to the whole Building, but for the assistance of the neighbours with cans and water, which soon putt a stop to the flames, which had Devoured a small quantity of cotton only.

Tuesday Oct 16th Mr Thomas THORNELY late of Hadfield Died yesterday of the cholera at Barnsley and is to be Buried to day; it is also said that a many of his relations are dead also.

Oct 17th Being the Court Day at Glossop my Father went there to to give up his office as a Juryman and came back without stoping to pay five shillings for his Dinner and Wine

Oct 18th I have this day finished reading that interesting account of Paul and Virginia, which is in the end of the Studies of Nature.

Mr THORNELY has been burning the Botwood coal pit hillock it has been on Fire about three months for the use of his garden walks etc.

There had been a great Rumour about a Comet that should have made its apearance about a week since, but is yet minus

It is said that there were several ships lost about Liverpool last week in a hurricane

Oct 23 John ROWBOTTAM`s Three Houses were to have been sold last night at the King`s Arms Inn but it is said it was only a Jungle between HALL and BROCKLEHURST to get rid of the old Counselear

My brother Ralph are getting stone and we have met with one block seven feet six inches by seven feet

Died a few weeks Back James HALL of Ashes near Glossop his own cart wheels passed over him and broke his leg which afterwards turned to a putred state and ended his life

Oct 24th Joseph HADFIELD and wife from Duckinfield came to our house yesterday and went back this afternoon

Joseph THORNELY went to live in Newton a few weeks back

26 Mary WOOLEY of Marple Bridge has been buried to day

Oct 29th My Brother William`s house was broken into last night while the were gone to the Chapel, and Fifty Sovereigns with two Five Pound Notes and a quantity of Silver things were stolen out.  he has offered a reward of Five Pounds to any person who will give such information of the thieves as may lead to a conviction there were two persons took up that night and their houses searched but have been since lett go. since then other two have undergone the same opperation but their case is doubtful, a young man is also suspected who lived at the thatched house but has taken the wing

Nov 2nd I have been working at the Water wheel for the last three days which is in very bad condition.

Nov 7 1832 We have killed this morning a cow that my Father bought from James JACKSON and which we have fed

10. Joseph BOTTAM`s wife died this week

10. Betty BRITNER of Bankwood Mill has been burried this week

10. James HILL has begun a few weeks back to keep a shop

10. Joseph COOPER has been propping the Arch of the Boiler House to Day with a Centre and Screw Jack they Borrowed a piece of Larch from us to prop the Roof with

17th My Father bought a new cart cover yesterday off a Stockport from a man that lives a little past the top of Lancashire Hill for nineteen shillings and sold him the old one for Five

One of the slabs in HIGTON`s House fel down and was broken last Tuesday. the cause is said to be ROWBOTTAM`s Blower it being loose, my Brother James putt a new one up on Thursday

19th My Brother James has killed his two Pigs to day he has sold one to Bill BOOTH at five pence per pound and one half of the other to John HADFIELD, he has also killed Thomas BENNET`s and Samuel THORNELY`s

Mr Henry HOUGH and Miss HOWFIELD were Married at last week

Samuel BURDIKIN was Married last week at Glossop they went in the Hero by John COOPER

Novr 1832 Moses COOPER is gone a few weeks back to live near Bridge End

A young man named Samuel HADFIELD was measureing and dividing my Grandfather Meadow on Saturday for James and George, he is at present teaching school with Jane DEWSNAP at Charlesworth

John DEWSNAP`s wife Brought him a child about a fortnight since. Saml HADFIELD went for TOMLINSON, it was the first

22. My Father and I went to Ashton Fair yesterday and he Bought a young Heifer from a man that lives in Bugsworth. her time to be up on or about new Christmas day

Mr ECCLES of Marple sent two men to make Distres on John WOOD`s Goods yesterday.

There are some men repairing the Engine Boiler at the upper Mill for BOWDEN & MASON to whom it is said to be lett

Day before yesterday my uncle George HADFIELD had six load of inside stone from us.  Peter HIGGINBOTTAM`s son John carted it with a two horse cart. stone to be -/7d per load

26. The Steam Boiler at the Engine Pitt burst last week they are now putting Down a second hand one which Mr THORNELY has bought a the Water Side

27. John WOOD`s Goods were sold yesterday by ATKIN the amount of the Proceeds of the sale were £8. 10. 11 the Rent owing £7. 5s  Expences £2. 0. 10, leaving him stil debtor to £0. 14. 11d Benjamin HARRISON bought goods in again for WOOD which amounted to two pounds eight shillings which was to be stopped out of the lad`s wages who worked for him at three shillings per week, the things were quite full of Bugs.  George HADFIELD bough the chest for Four pounds six shillings.  WOOD took what things he had after the sale to Glossop.

George HADFIELD was married last month at Glossop to a young woman named THORNELY

The Grey Mare Publick House was sold by Auction by Mr T PRESTON it was sold for Four Hundred and Sixty Pounds to George BROCKLEHURST    Novr 26th 1832

28. Mr George SIDEBOTTAM of Milbrook shot himself last night in his Garden.

A woman named Salley SYKES died very suddenly while mending some Stockings at New York last night

James JACKSON Junr. of Simondly was married about the middle of this month , not to Mary OLLERENSHAW

HARRISON has Built one Bay of his Mill up again this latter end

Dec 3 My uncle Joseph BOOTH flitted part if not all of his Goods last Saturday into the new house.

Decr 3rd 1832 Mr ELLISON has divided the land into separate divisions for the neiboughing  Gentlemen to shoot upon that each may know his own part (this summer)

5. John HAGUE`s wife was burried to day.

Supposed to be lost.  A young girl named Tinker who left home to go to her work at Bankwood Mill as usual last saturday morning and is supposed to have fallen into the River, as she has not been heard of since

5. My Father bought a Flich or side of Pork without the Offal which weighed 70 1/2 lb at 5 1/2 pence per pound it was stopped out of the shop Book, Bot of George HADFIELD

20. George HADFIELD James` son has a child now lying dead to be buried on saturday

The Polling for the three Candidates SITWELLGISBOURN and Lord CAVENDISH comenced this morning at Bridge End. for the Northern Division of Derbyshire

29. Ellen JACKSON of Hargatehill wife of Joseph JACKSON has been buried to day.

Jany 1833 Mr MOORS`s Shop at Comstall Bridge was broken into and Goods to a large amount carried of with less than a pound in Silver

Jany 1833 A Building belonging to Mr THORNELY which is occationaly used as a Joiner`s shop has been broken into and a Quantity of Tools Keys etc stolen away

John JACKSON of Woodseats has had some hens stolen 

Joseph BOOTH`s wife at Nars was delivered of a Child it being the first. P.S. THORNELY was the surgeon

Jany 27th David COOPER and Hanah BRADLEY have been married at Cheadle to day.

29th Thomas THORNELY of Chisworth has been married at Glossop to Day to a Girl out of Mellor

John BOWDEN has brought a part of his Goods to the Upper Mill

P THORP who was shot by John WYATT is dead.

There was a man killed at Mr POTTER`s Print Works about Saturday and his body it is said cut into two

Feby 19 Henry CROOK was Married to Mary BARRATT at Glossop yesterday.

Nathan HARRISON of Charlesworth was Married to a Cop Woman yesterday at Glossop

A man named POTT out of Mellor that works for Samuel OLLERENSHAW was Married yesterday at Glossop

Samuel SHEPLEY of Charlesworth was Burried last week at Glossop

March 8th 1833 My Father Bought of Mr SCOTT of Stockport part of a Malt Mill for which he paid three pounds (Rollers)

We have had had half a Ton of Hay off Old Joseph JACKSON last week for which we must pay two Guineas the weight to be six score to the Hundred.

20th John HIGGINBOTTOM`s Wife James ROWBOTTAM`s Daughter was burried last week. it is said of him but stop I will not say what I have heard

It is said that there was no Bill against John WYATT for shooting THORP and he is sett at Liberty.

April 15th Mary HIGTON was burried yesterday at Charlesworth. her child was burried a little before

Cinney WOOD was burried last Monday at Charlesworth 

Last Saturday but one I brought from Mr PARTINGTON`s Twenty Pine Planks about 215 feet at -/5 3/4 A Foot

Mr Robert THORNELY late of Vale House was Burried yesterday at Tintwistle.  Thomas his Brother being dead before of the Cholera in Yorkshire.

July 25th Last sunday afternoon I went with Harriet HOUGH our Mary, James & George BOOTH to Glossop Church. after service we went to Joshua SHEPLEY`s at the Royal Oak and then returned by way of Bridge End Juncksion, Simondly and we did not forget to call at each place and to my own shame I was quite Drunk. fell and broke Miss HOUGH`s Umbrella and tore my Trowsers.

Lately Buried Thomas MARSHALL. Mr & Mrs LOUGHRIDGE. William BEARD.

Joseph BARRATT is still Alive. and Damaris BOWERS is getting better from having her Leg Broken a few weeks back when my uncle James and George had their outbreak at Holehouse.

August 11th There has of late been a many sudden Deaths in this neighbourhood and especialy among the Members of Charlesworth Chappel, amongst whom were William BEARD late of Thorneycroft Mr & Mrs LOUGHRIDGE of Broadbottom, Thomas MARSHAL of Chisworth etc.. Miss HOUGH left us last Saturday but one after a stay of about three weeks among us.

Mr THORNELEY`s House was Broken into about a fortnight since but the theives had decamped without taking anything and left them some of their Traps

A man near Compstall Bridge, son in law to Samuel COOK, nearly severed his head from his body last week.

Sept 16th 1833 Taylor Bill & Samuel SHEPLEY have paid one sovereign each to the Charlesworth Sunday School for pulling the Little House Door off the Hinges and other Mischief about the said School

Sep 16 1833 In the course of last night James GARSIDE sold the Old Hearse lately belonging to Glossop but given by the Church Wardens for the use of Charlesworth Chappel, to Joseph BOOTH James`s son for five shillings at Martha BOOTH`s. and Delivered it to him and John BOOTH  John BEARD and a many more who hurried it down the Town without wheels the not being included in the Bargain and placed it opposite the Buyer`s Door.

At a meeting of the Trustees held this night Sept 23rd in the school it was concluded that it did not belong to then to chastis the Tormentors of the Old Hearse it having not been accepted by the Trustees: it was also concluded that James GARSIDE be discharged from the office of sexton and George RHODES appointed to serve as Deputy till Christmas.

Oct. 4th At a meeting held in the school tonight, consisting of the seat holders, James GARSIDE & George RHODES were severaly put in nomination for the office of Sexton and James GARSIDE chosen by a Majority of 14 the numbers being for GARSIDE 14 above RHODES`s.  Four Persons were appointed to collect evidence in order to prosecute the persons connected with the buying, selling and carrying away of the Hearse.

Oct 4th 1833 Deaths John WALKER and his wife have both died very suddenly it is said by some to be the cholera and by others that it is not; - Comstal Lane.

Mr James MATLEY of Hodge Hall died a few days since

Clock. Mr THORNELY has brought a clock from the Red Hall Chappel I believe they call the Place; and placed it on top of the front of his stables it had been put up by the young KELLET`s and is now going pretty well, it came about a month ago.

A great many of the Farmers in Glossop Dale have Notices to Quit their Farms, at Spring which causes a great deal of speculative hanksiety among the Tennants.

Apples. Yesterday at Stockport we Bought 4 peck of Apples for Three Shillings. 5 peck for 3/6 and 5 peck for 3 shillings, and all the sorts of a good quality - how low in price the are

I bought a Watch of DUMVILLE yesterday for my brother Ralph for £1. 8. 0d second hand.

Oct 7th Miss LOUGHRIDGE has been Married this day at Manchester to A Scotch man named Anthony D

7th John BROCKLEHURST son of George BROCKLEHURST of Charlesworth was Married at Manchester to Esther WOOLEY.

9. The Household Furniture of the Late William LOUGHRIDGE have been sold today.

One of Old GLOSTOR`s sons was drowned at Stayley Bridge last Sunday - in the canal -

Oct 19th 1833 Saturday  Fire. last night the Bury-me-wick Factory was burnd down. it belonged to the late Captain HADFIELD and Joseph BENNETT of Simondly: It had been Insured but the Insurance was worn out for want of paying: A person of the name of GARLICK has been working it lately:

Poor House.  the Poor House Built at Glossop this summer is now nearly finished, the contractors for the Building were K STAFFORD D ROWBOTTAM and G LINN. Cephas DAWSON is the slater etc. etc.

Mr John BOWDEN has Built a Barn and stable at Cooms Mill this summer.

Fatting Hey Shop Keeping. Joseph BOOTH, who only last week sold his stock of Goods to James HARRISON and Flitted his Furniture to Hide last Monday has Flitted back again today having re-purchased the stock he so lately sold to HARRISON and given him a sum of money to give up the Premises and it is now said that HARRISON has taken a Cellar off Richard THORNELY to Keep Shop in, at least formerly belonging to Rd THORNELY, not now:  Twas before a place of worship for the Methodists but the now occupy A Room in ROWBOTTAM`s Factory at Chew Wood.

Wright HARRISON is lately begun to preach among the Methodists

Oct 24th 1833 The new Trustees of Charlesworth Chappel are met tonight in the school to Execute the Trust Deed.

Died. Mr Joseph BROCKLEHURST of Hayfield died very suddenly at Stockport last Saturday.

Poachers. Thomas BURDIKIN and other two were in the begining of this month sent to Derby Tread Mill for being catched Poaching in Chew-Wood. the Gang consisted of six or seven but the others are not yet Took.      PIE is Game Keeker

What did I go to Marple for with Thomas BOOTH last Sunday but one: A wot:

James MELLOR`s son of Yeardsley Hall has brought us a lot of cheese today (6cwt. 0qr. 7lb)

Sale: KELSAL of Podnor has sold up his Farming Traps etc. last week and is about quiting the Farm,

Beer Sellers.  Robert FERNALEY and Samuel TWIST have declined the Whistling Trade

Moses HARRISON of Harney Croft has lately lost the Life of a Mare and bought a horse at KELSAL Sale at Podnor.

Charlesworth Factory is now occupied by Mr SHAW - having come to it this summer.

Oct 28 Fixtures. My Brother James, has put the two Sham suits or Fire Grates etc. in the chambers up at his own Expence.  I bought them for him at SCOTTS Price 7/6 for each.

Oct 28th 1833 Sexton Thomas GOODWIN was performing the Office of Sexton yesterday at the Chappel, in consequence of James being turned off by the new Trustees.

Cholera Morbas, is said to be rageing to a dreadful degree in and about Duckinfield.

BARRATT Joseph left Holehouse a few weeks back and is gone to a house belonging to John HAGUE near Simmondley broock. Henry left last week to live with BARRATT.

Short Time. some of the larger Mills are only working part of their time in consequence of the unsettled Price of Cotton

Big Gim is now living in a house belonging to my Father he came a few weeks back

Building.  Doctor HALE is now building two Houses at Lane Head which join up to the west end of those built before

Nov 5th Old Hearse. Those persons connected with buying selling etc. of the Old Hearse have by Order of the select Vestry of Glossop been served with each a Letter stating that they might if inclined have an opportunity of Agreeing the Hearse business if not they would be entered into the Spiritual Court.  In consequence of the above letters they attended at the Vestry with several persons whom they took to Defend their cause but they not being allowed to speak my Uncle James BOOTH agreed to pay Ten Pounds as an agreement for them all.

Nov 5th 1833 At a meeting of the Trustees of the Chappel held in the school last Wednesday night George RHODES was appointed to serve the office of Sexton.

Sashes. John GILL was to have made the whole of the sashes for the New House (James`s) but I made those for the back windows and the greatest part of the nook Window & sash frame

19 Died Joseph HIGTON Died at his Lodgings at New Mills today and has left Four children 21st he is to be buried today at Charlesworth his Wife has been buried a few months since. (he was took to his grave in a cart)   

21. We bought a new Ousing a few weeks back at Stockport for 15/-

Married at Glossop last Monday Robert HIDE to William BOOTH`s daughter of Deborah-Hall. [Sarah BOOTH]

Nov. 28th My Brother James has been Flitting into the New House today.

Decr 11th Burried today at Mellor James COUPE`s Wife of Charlesworth formerly the wife of Azariah OLLERENSHAW

Decr 13th Mr. THORNELY`s have had a Milk Cow come today to be kept at Holehouse for Family use.

Flitted my Brother James. Flitted into the new house either 27th or 28th of Novr 1833

Burned. Peter WILDE`s that was burned nearly to death a few days since is dead today Decr 14th 1833 the Coroner was fetched on the ocation.

Decr 21st 1833 Burried today at Charlesworth Mary daughter of Saml MARSHALL of Chisworth.

Decr 21st George HADFIELD has Flitted into the House lately occupied by my Brother James today.

Decr 25th Burried today at Charlesworth Nancey Daughter of James BEARD.

Decr 25th At a meeting of the Trustees and Chappel Wardens held in the school today for the purpose of making up the Accounts of the past year Mr ADAMSON to take the chair (as is recorded in the new Deed.) because he said the Deed took away the independence of the Congregation. Mr MARSLAND and Mr WARDLOW gave up their offices of Wardens and Joseph COOPER & Thomas GOODWIN were chosen in their stead.  COOPER refused to accept the office.

Sudden Death. the Wife of William MILLER of Rose Greave Coal Pit fell from her chair and died almost instantaneously int latter end of this month December 1833

Robert COOPER of Stirrup was Burried Sunday Jany 5th 1834 

Married at Stockport this day Peter THORNELEY James`s son to Martha daughter of John RHODE now living at that House of Thomas HIGGINBOTTAM`s Benches Peter`s Brother Benjamin had been Married before.

Jany 6th 1834 The effects of the Late Mally HOBSON of Charlesworth were sold by Auction this day.  She was burried a few days before the Sale.

A young Cow belonging to John WAGSTAFFE fell into a Coal Pitt in the Slacke Edges it being a Old one.

8th Old Mr MOSS of Hodge has been Burried today he having Poisened himself a few days before at Mottram

13th Awfully sudden Death of Robert THORNELY Doctor who is supposed to have fallen from his Horse at the end of Twintwissle Bridge (Bridle) on the Derbyshire side where he was found and died soon after being quite unsensible when found it is supposed that his horse fell over a load of stone that was lying in the way - and it being Midnight.

15th William BEELY of Rose Greave Died this morning

16th Thomas BEARD`s eldest Daughter but one now lies dead at her father`s who lives at the House Built by Jas OLLERENSHAW near Gamesley - he bought it some time back.

Drowned. A Woman going from Whitebottam to Comstall bridge a few days since fell into the River and was Drowned. The cause of her misfortune is said to be the catching of her Patten: ring on a piece of Iron on the Coal Bridge which threw her into the Water.  There are now two Bridges at the Wear one having been put up only last summer and will admit a cart to go over it.

Janr 18th 1834 Samuel son of the Late Samuel BOOTH of Charlesworth was Married at               last Sunday to Robert WAGSTAFFE`s Daughter of Woodseats.

Janr 18th Sold by Auction by T. PRESTON today the Machinery of J.J. & H ROWBOTTAM to the amount of £ Father employed Joseph JACKSON to manage the Distress and I bought the Machinery for my Father

18th Good Old Cow. My Father had fedd our Old Cow and we killed her and sold her for Christmas Beef.

Feby 4th Sudden Death William JACKSON of Charlesworth died very suddenly last Friday but one (Jany 24th 1834)

Feb 4th Married a few weeks since Mr John CLAYTON to Miss Harriet HOUGH

Feby 4th Dead Jonathan HILL of Broadbottam now Lies Dead

18th My Father agreed with Luke WILSON last week to make a new Water Wheel and to alter the Geering and put it in a propper condicion to work well for £45 taking the Old Wheel in at the bargain, but Luke has refused that bargain and today my Father has agreed to give him £54 without the Old Wheel.

Joseph COOPER & John BOWDEN are at this time greatly dissatisfied with the Poors Rate Assesment and refuse to pay.  The Assessors are Henry BRIERLY James HIGGINBOTTAM and Daniel GEE: the two first being Overseers of the Poor.

February 18th 1834 Woodseats Lane. Mr  THORNELY is now trying to compell the Township mend Woodsets Lane and served out some Law for that purpose.

School. Samuel BRADBURY is now keeping or Teaching a day and evening School in the Methodists Preaching Room at Chew Wood.

Mr. SHAW is said to have spun his ound at Charlesworth Factory the Workmen are minus their wages and the mill was shut up yesterday morning and it is said part of the things are carried away.

Died very sudden a few days since Thomas HIGGINBOTTAM of Dinting formerly of Cown Edge.

Drowned a few days since near Joseph HOWARD`s Mill a Man who had been a servant of Mr RATCLIFFE`s Prim-Rose

Mr RATCLIFFE was made Bankrupt some time since.

Acknowledgement. on the 7th day of Feby 1834 I took an Invoice from Joseph COOPER to Willliam WRIGHT of No 72 Jno St. Stockport for the sum of            he said the bill was correct and would pay it as soon as he could but could not at present.

March 6th Yesterday was a very wet day which caused a great Flood which swept Our Old Wear completely away also a great quantity of Gravel and wreck out of the Dam.

March 6th 1834 Joseph COOPER of Chew Public House is now in a very Deranged state of mind - they say he has broken some Windows at Stirrup this morning. also that he threw one of his own children into the but it was not so much burnt.

My Aunt Nancey at Downith Lane is gone nearly Blind and is now at Manchester attending some Doctor.

My Brother James was the principal at pulling out the old Water Wheel.

Miss the only Daughter of Robert THORNELY Deceased has been lately Married to Mr. OLLIPHANT of the Polygon, Manchester it is said that her brother is dead

March 28 Joseph BARRATT has been Burried today at Charlesworth his Family continue to live in John HAGUE`s House.

April 5 Robberry.  Last night an attempt was made to break into Mr THORNELY`s House which they had nearly completed by extracking from two Doors a Pannel eack the inner Door was lined with Sheet Iron. they decamped without doing any further dammage.  this is the second attempt within a short time

Apl 11 Died yesterday morning Martha Wife John JACKSON of Chisworth

Apl 11 Sold a cow, My Father has sold Robbin  to Joseph COOPER today for £9, Robbin a Bobbin.

April 11th 1834 A man from Stockport has been Fining a many Carters between here a Glossop. his name is WHOLLEY.

Apl 11th Forresters Funeral. Mr ADAMSON Refused to bury one this Order last Sunday but one with their desired pomp, he has given great offence to Old James HIGGINBOTTAM`s party the Deceased being a Relation of theirs.

May 6th Married yesterday at Glossop.  Thomas WILDE & Sall Ot Nicks sometimes called Sarah BRADSHAW.

6th A Part of the Mettall belonging to the New Wheel is come today.

6th Mr THORNELY`s Men Jos. CLARK and Robt THORNELEY Danl`s son are now Boreing for coal in the Span Croft they have lately Bored in the Fish Pan, and several other places.

May 16 Accident. Yesterday Old Hanah GARLICK was run over by a coal cart belonging to THORNELEY of Broadbottam, and dangerously hurt.  Several Carts were running at the time

30th Burried today Old Mary WILDE of Charlesworth

31st Burried today Old Joseph BENNETT of Charlesworth

Burried this last week James BRIDGE of Comstals Bridge

June 12th 1834 Yesterday I with Taylor Bill and Thomas BOOTH went to Buxton Races we put up our horses at the Cheshire Cheese.  I had Benjamin RATCLIFFE`s Horse.  Captain Jos SCHOLES was there too & went with us.

Expenses. Horse Expenses Hay corn & hosling 2s/1d. Toll -/6 1/2d  Horse 3s/-  Meat & Drink 4s/2 1/2d  Broken straps 1s/- Total 10s/10d  

June 1834 Old HARRISON has Lett his lower Mill with the Machinery to ROWBOTTAMS with Bondsmen for the machinery. John BOWDEN and Benjamin HARRISON were the Valuers.

28th James HIGGINBOTTAM contracted with Mr ELLISON for the Fatting Heys Stone Quarry last week and is to pay a certain Rent for them.

Parson Wanted. James BEARD and Robert THORNELY who were as they say chosen by the committe of the Men`s Club to find a Parson to preach the Club Sermon (Mr ADAMSON being gone to the Isle of Man but who told them that he could not preach concientiously with the Music the wanted. but he gave them the chance of getting another:  they would have putt a sort of at tie upon him that should either preach for nothing or the would take their Music into the Chappel: they have solicited a many but get none to come and now they despair of getting any and are grown weary of their Post.

Burried. Samuel SHEPLEY`s carter who was accidentaly killed was Burried last Tuesday.

Chew Wood. Charity Sermons were preached last sunday the school was crowded and they had a good collection.

July 19th Broken Thigh. Samuel MARSHALL who had his Thigh broken a few weeks since when Driving Moses HARRISON`s cart is now slowly recovering.

July 19th 1834 Flitted. My Brother William Flitted last Monday from the House opposite the Church to the House lately occupied by Mr SLACK who has just given up Business, which my Brother and Mr BROOKS are now carrying on.

Water Wheel. Luke WILSON Finished the Water wheel and Geering on Thursday the 10th of July 1834.

25th I Bought a Flute today at Stockport from GILL for the sum of Five Shillings

28 Old HARRISON`s Blind Horse with the Milk & cans fell through Warhurst fold Bridge into the River today, in a kicking fray. it was but little hurt.

28th Killed. George WHITE`s Waggoner was killed a few weeks since by the waggon passing over him.

28th Cow My Father bought a Note Heifer off Squire BOOTH`s widow last week for Eight Pounds.

28th Died very suddenly last Saturday Thomas BEARD Bread Baker of Glossop.

28th The Reverend Mr BATLEY Preached the Club Sermons last Club day for nothing.  Mr ADAMSON was not at home and there was Musick in the Chappel.

28th Mr ADAMSON Addressed the Sunday School Skolears in the Chappel last night. Sunday being

28 Burried a few weeks back Mary Daughter of the late Joseph BENNETT of Charlesworth Seignior

July 28th 1834 A Sunday or two since Joseph EESTWOOD Broked squar in the Chappel Window.

July 30th Flood. Weddensday night we have had a dreadful storm of Thunder Lightning Rain and Hail. this Affernoon such as was perhaps was never kown before in Glossop Dale nearly all the Goosberry Trees in our Garden were covered with water the House occupied by Joseph WILDE was Two Feet seven inches deep in water, and about the same in James BOOTH`s and Big Gims

Aug 3rd Sunday, we have had a freat deal of Thunder Lightning and Rain tonight but it did no Dammage.

Several Lives were lost at Glossop on Weddensday night and one at Comstall Bridge.

Aug 20th Cow. My Father Bought an Heifer of Betty BOOTH at Coombs a few weeks back for £8, it Gadded out of our fields into the top of Close Wood where she calved we sold her the same day to William BENNETT for the same money we gave for her. he had the calf also.

Aug 20th Fish. As Joseph WILDE and me were prepareing to put in the Foundation of the Weir which the late Flood had washed away we catched fourteen fine Trouts which my Brother who came over with his wife today took with him to Stockport.

Aug 20th Last Sunday night I tramped to near Chappel in le Frith with a Miss ---- and in coming back I got lost in Bugsworth out of the way among the woods and Fields but after cutting away over edge and dich about two hours I found myself near New Mills Church, about half past Three next morning

Aug 25th French. Albert NEAGLE buried a child at Glossop yesterday it was Born at Old HARRISONS about a week before.

25th Dam, BEARD has been putting Iron supports into the Trough in COOPER`s Mill Dam and puting new Planks in the Front of the Trough last week.

Aug 29 Friday. My Father & Mother with Joseph Nancey & Rodah COOPER and Mary Anne MARSHALL went with me to Stockport in the cart today from thence they all but Joseph went to Liverpool.

Sept 2 Joseph COOPER is gone to Liverpool today.

Sept 2 The Methodist Chappel is now being Erected the foundation is laid and the Masons are getting forward.

Sept 2nd Gravel. Mr THORNELY as Overseer of the by Road is carting the Gravel out of COOPER`s Dam into the Bot Wood

COOPER gives the gravel and finds fillers they are Joseph WILDE and Thomas BEARD - Jas son who are also Building up the wall at the back of COOPER`s House which was washed down by the great Flood

Sept 5 Our Folk and their company came back from Liverpool tonight.

Sept 28 1834 Buried this last week. Martha Wife of James TAYLOR of Stirrup and Edward MASSEY of Warhurst fold

28 The New Ranters Chappel near Comstall Bridge was opened last Sunday.

28 Henry MELLOR`s Goods were sold by Auction for Rent owing to George NEILDCROWTHER was the Auctioneer

28 My Brother James`s son John has the Fever of the Brain but is now getting better.

Oct 3 A young man from Broadbottam was killed by falling from the top of a new Chimney down the inside at the Hodge last Monday morning.

And Thomas HOLLAND who was Waggoner for Mr MATLEY was killed on Tuesday night. he was drunk and it is supposed he was riding on the Waggon shaft and fell off and was passed over by the Waggon Wheels and so killed.

The Household Furniture and Farming stock of the late Joseph BENNETT have been sold by Auction today not under Distress.

Oct 26 Old THOMSON`s has been Interd at Mellor today.  I went to Funerall and to Mellor, some say they were not Married.

Oct 31 Died this Afternoon John HARRISON of Woodseats, after seffering very severely from the Stoppage of his Water

Doctor HUNT has Flitted into Thomas RATTCLIFFE`s House a few weeks back (begining of October)

November 20th 1834 The New Methodists Chappel or School near to this place was opened on Sunday last November 16th.  A Mr MARSDEN Preached two sermons (Affternoon and night) and Mr. McKITRIC on monday night.  Collections were mad after each sermon and with the silver taken at the Door on Sunday Amounted to £28 some silver etc. (Twas only part finished)

Charlesworth Factory is now Rolling on again By Messrs         from near Rochdale.

COOPER is now working my Father`s Old Mill it is now about two months since the started.

Land. Old Abraham JACKSON has taken a large Farm or part of SHEPLEY`s Farm on the top of the Entacks last Spring and he is now Reaping a famous crop of Turnips out of one of the Fields.

Clod Soughing. John MOTTRAM is now clod soughing a Field for John COOPER, and Stephen EYRE & Co. have been doing Burdekin Lees, which Benjamin HARRISON took last Spring.  And they are now doing COOPER`s Marl Jnr which he Took from Geo. & James HADFIELD last Spring.

Robert GARLICK is now building a Slaughter House against the gable end of House (Salt Pie) he was Married few week Back.

Kaleb HILL was Married to Abraham BOOTH`s Daughter a few weeks since at Glossop

November 20th 1834 George PIE Flitted from Benches yesterday to some where near Glossop.

Mr THORNELEY is now sinking a Coal Pitt in his Meadow Joseph CLARKE Robbin at Dans are the workmen.

John GILL Flitted from Fatting Heys to Charlesworth about a fortnight since.

Novr 21st I paid to James SHEPPARD Stockport on Mr THORNELY`s Account £10. 5s. and delivered 5 Entry Bags.  I brought Back to Mr THORNELEY`s 2 Quarters of Oats and 2 loads of Barley.

24. I Paid to Doctor HUNT`s servant being the amount of his Bill and brought some Phisic for Ralph - what did thou Pay. Oh. Oh. £1.10s.

26. Thomas JACKSON has been very ill hurt this morning in the Coal Pitt Rose Greave

27. Old TURNER now of Treacle Street late of Mottram and Bestill has been Lawing Tommey o Mottram for a Shop Debt.  Tummy Putt in appearance but has now agreed to pay Debt and costs, - Turmet yed -

30. Esther, Daughter of the Late William JACKSON of Charlesworth was buried yesterday.

30. Dead; Old James JACKSON of Simondley now lies dead.

30. Mutton Jack is also lying Dead, caused by an appoplex fit about Friday or yesterday

Novr 30. 1834 John BURDEKIN of is to be Married at Glossop today.

30. Thomas BOWERS had his harm Broken last Thursday night in COOPER`s Mill. he was rescueing a young Girl from the upright shaft.  Twas Caroline BRADLEY but she was not hurt.

Decr 5 Robbery. Mr THORNELEY`s Counting House was Broken into last night; the thieves it appears first attempted to take out one of the Door Cheeks which they could not manage, but they took out the front window sill. the two upright stones the window frame and shutters and all this without breaking one square.  They took about £3 worth of copper: this is the third time they have Broken into Mr THORNELEY`s and each time the Friday night before the Pay Day.  Two men from Stayley Bridge have been taken on suspicion but were sett at Liberty again (James TAYLOR & John RIDGEWAY