Hathersage Apprenticeships

My thanks to Michael Spencer for these entries.

A1 a poor child of Thomas MORLEY of Abney Grange, bound by the Overseers of Abney p. Hope to Edward NICHOLS of Stannington,Yks cutler 1745 (listed with Hathersage apprenticeships)

A2 George FRITH son of Ann FRITH (widow, lately decd. leaving three children) to Henry WILKIN of Hathersage, cordwainer 1752

A3 George WILKIN to Jonathan LOCKWOOD of Wadsley, Yks., cutler. 1759

A4 Thomas FURNISS (born 1765)  to William WALTON of Hathersage,  farmer 1773

A5 Thomas WILKIN to John OLLERENSHAW of Upper Hallam, Yks. 1778

A6 Martha CORBRIDGE to John WILCOCKSON of Hathersage 1783

A7 Betty HOBSON to George EYRE of Hathersage 1783

A8 George BROOMHEAD to Henry IBBOTSON of Hathersage 1784

A9 Sarah BROOMHEAD to John GARDENER of Hathersage 1785

A10 William WILLKIN (WILKIN)  to Thomas DAIKEN (signs DAKIN) of Hathersage 1786

A11 John WAIN to Thomas GARDOM of Bakewell p. 1787

A12 Samuel BROOMHEAD to Michael WILKIN of Hathersage 1788

A13 Millisent HOBSON to Benjamin SCHOFIELD of Hathersage 1789

A14 George SLINN to George FARNSWORTH of Hathersage 1789

A15 Benjamin BROOMHEAD to Peter DEAN of Bradfield Yks. 1793

A16 Joseph VERNON to John SMITH of Windlest, (Windlehurst) Marple 1800

A17 William BINGHAM to Matthew IBBOTSON of Hathersage 1801

A18 Stephen BARTON to George BENNETT of Padley 1801

A19 Samuel BROOMHEAD aged 14 to John FURNISS button maker, Hathersage 1806

A20 Charlotte BINGHAM aged 9 to Joseph THORP  1897

A21 John HEPPINSTONE aged 8 to John WILSON 1808

A22 Ann LINNYMAN 10  to Thomas WORRALL 1811

A23 David GREEN aged 7 to Samuel OLIVER Overstones, Hathersage 1812

A24 Ann SMILTER aged 7 to Edward EYRE Hathersage, Priest. 1812

A25 Mary Ann WAKEFIELD aged 7 to James EYRE of Great Hucklow, Hope p. baker. 1813

A26 William BINGHAM aged 11 to John WILKINSON of Stannington, Yks file maker.

John FRITH aged 9 to George WILLOUGHBY of Stockport 1813