People from Bradwell recorded elsewhere

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Listed as Badgers, Swailers, Hucksters or Drovers obtaining licences from the Justices of the Peace. 

(My thanks to Mike Spencer for these entries)

John CHEETHAM Bradwell in 1771

Thomas FARNSHAW Brough at Bakewell in 1746 and 1755

James NEEDHAM Hucklow in 1771

Philemon PICKFORD Bradwall at Bakewell in 1746

Godfrey WALL Bradwall at Wirksworth in 1747

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17 Oct 1858 Elizabeth adult dau of Wm and Grace TAYLOR of Bradwell, shoemaker (Derwent, Dby)

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24 Jan 1813 Hannah wife of Robert NEEDHAM of Bradwell aged 29 (Castleton, Dby)

19 Mar 1813 Abraham DAKIN of Bradwell aged 27 (Castleton, Dby)

8 Oct 1832 Hannah BOCKING Bradwell aged 42 (Wormhill, Dby)

31 May 1834 Elizabeth dau of Richard and Margaret KAY of Bradwell aged 1 (Tideswell, Dby)

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10 Jul 1631 Peter KYRKE of this towne & Ellin BRAMWALL of Bradwall (Chapel, Dby)

16 Nov 1672 Thomas SYDEBOTHOME & Marie STAFFORD of Brdll (Bradwell?) (Disley, Chs)

19 Jul 1830 Henry WILKINSON of Bradwell, Dby bachelor & Deborah HARDY, spinster of Crowland, Lincolnshire married at Crowland Abbey by licence Witnesses Joseph HARDY & Elizabeth HARDY

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 1851 Census for Warwickshire

My thanks to Jennie Hudson for these entries

Surname of stray:   F

Census Place: Leamington Priors Warwick, Warwickshire

Address: Springfield Street 17, Warwick

Adam FOX Head Mar aged 60 Iron Moulder born Bradwell, DBY

Sarah FOX Wife Mar aged 60 born Great Norton-DBY

Amelia FOX Daur Unm aged 23 born Chesterfield-DBY

Charles James FOX Son Unm aged 21 Iron Moulder -------

William Henry FOX Son aged 13 Scholar born Leamington-WAR

Mathew STONES SonL Mar aged 35 Iron Moulder born Chesterfield-DBY

Elizabeth STONES Wife(Daur) Mar aged 33 born Sheffield-YKS

Samuel STONES Son (GSon) aged 13 Scholar born Leamington-WAR

John STONES Son (GSon) aged 10 Scholar born Leamington-WAR

Emma STONES Daur(Grnd) aged 5 born Leamington-WAR

Eliza STONES Daur(Grnd) aged 2 born Leamington-WAR

Elizabeth STONES Daur(Grnd) aged 1 born Leamington-WAR


1881 Census

My thanks to Jennie Hudson for these entries

Surname of stray:  A   B   C   D   E   F   G   H   I   J   K   L   M   N   O   P   Q   R     T   U   V   W   X   Y   Z

Census Place: Great Grimsby, Lincoln, England Dwelling: 89 Holles St

Joseph ASHMORE Head Mar aged 71 born Bradwell, Derby Occ: Joiner Out Of Employ

Eliza ASHMORE Wife Mar aged 60 born Louth, Lincoln

Joseph ASHMORE Son Unm aged 24 born Louth, Lincoln, England Occ: Printer Local Methodist Preacher


Census Place: Staines, Middlesex, England Dwelling: Richmond Road

Thos.G. BATEMAN Head Mar aged 38 born Chorley, Cheshire(Lancs?) Occ: Primitive Methodist Minister

Hannah B. BATEMAN Wife Mar aged 31 born Bradwell, Derby Occ:Primitive Methodist Ministers Wife

Thomas S. BATEMAN Son aged 9 born Bradwell, Derby Occ: Scholar

Arthur V. BATEMAN Son aged 6 born Barrow In Furness, Lancashire Occ: Scholar

Mable Ruth BATEMAN Daur aged 3 born Barrow In Furness, Lancashire

Hannah B. BATEMAN Daur aged 1 born Manchester, Lancashire

Ruth SOMERSET M/Law Wid aged 66 born Offerton, Derby Occ: Annuitant


Census Place: Brightside Bierlow, York, England Dwelling:16 Parkwood Rd

Amelia BOWDEN Wife aged 38 Bradwell, Derby (see Glossop strays for family)


Census Place: Bradfield, York, England Dwelling: No18 Haywoods Park

William BRAMWELL Head Mar aged 72 born Chapel En Le Frith, Derby Occ: Cord Wainer

Eliza BRAMWELL Wife Mar aged 52 born Bradwell, Derby

Peter BRAMWELL Son Unm aged 25 born Bradwell, Derby Occ: Lab Rail Mill

Thomas Dakin BRAMWELL Son aged 17 born Bradwell, Derby Occ: General Lab

Joseph MIDDLETON Boarder Mar aged 40 born Bradwell, Derby Occ: Lead Miner


Census Place:Westminster St John Evangelist, London, Middlesex, England Dwelling: 15 Vincent St

Philip RYAN Head Mar aged 40 born Westminster, Middlesex Occ: Piano Maker

P. (Mrs) RYAN Wife Mar aged 42 born Westminster, Middlesex

C. BROCKLEHURST Mar Male aged 59 born Bradwell, Derby Rel: Boarder Occ: Financial Agent


Census Place: Westoe, Durham, England Dwelling: 6 Charlotte Terr

Robert H. EVANS Head Mar aged 53 born Hamsterley, Durham Occ: Grocer Unemployed

Mary A. EVANS Wife Mar aged 47 born Bradwell, Derby

Thomas D. EVANS Son Unm aged 22 born So Shields, Durham Occ: Architect

Adelaide M. EVANS Daur Unm aged 21 born So Shields, Durham

Robert H. EVANS Son Unm aged 18 born So Shields, Durham Occ: Apprentice Engineer (CM)

Elizabeth A. EVANS Daur aged 16 born So Shields, Durham Occ: Apprentice Milliner

Harold L. EVANS Son born 15 born So Shields, Durham

Alice M. EVANS Daur aged 13 born So Shields, Durham


Census Place: Ecclesall Bierlow, York, England Dwelling: 140 Cemetery Rd

Isaac EYRE Mar aged 42 born Hayfield, Derby Occ: Plated Goods Manuf Employing 2 Men 10 Women 4 Boys (White Metal)

Elizabeth EYRE Mar aged 60 born Bradwell, Derby (also on Hayfield strays)


Source: FHL Film 1341827 PRO Ref RG11 Piece 3456 Folio 43 Page 4

Dwelling: Rock House, Census Place: Castleton, Derby

Isaac FURNESS Head Wid aged 77 born Bradswell, Derby

Isaac FURNESS Grandson Unm aged 30 born Bradswell, Derby Occ: Lead Miner

Albert FURNESS Grandson Unm aged 25 born Castleton, Derby Occ: Horseman(Groom)ND

John FURNESS Grandson Unm aged  20 born Castleton, Derby Occ: Lead Miner

Abraham FURNESS Grandson Unm aged 18 born Castleton, Derby Occ: Lime Burner

John FURNESS Visitor Wid aged 73 born Bradswell, Derby Occ: Lead Miner


Census Place: Newington, Surrey, EnglandDwelling: 318 Munton Rd

Household of Matthew HALL

Elijah HALL Son (Head) Unm aged 24 born Brodbury, Cheshire Occ: Hatters Warehouse

Matthew HALL Head Mar aged 65 born Bradwell, Derby Occ: Cotton Weaver ((Manuf))

Charlotte HALL Wife Mar aged 65 born Bastow, Derby


Census Place: Hornsey, Middlesex, England Dwelling: 72 Queens Road

John MUNRO Head Unm aged 28 born Sheffield, York Occ: Tutor (Professor)

Leonard HILL Pupil aged 15 born Bradwell, Derby Occ: Scholar


Census Place: Monk Hesleden, Durham, England Dwelling: Cottage

Isaac JARVIS Head Mar aged 41 born Bradwell, Derby Occ: Labourer

Jane JARVIS Wife Mar aged 40 born Hartlepool, Durham

Eliza JARVIS Daur aged 14 born Hartlepool, Durham

James JARVIS Son aged 8 born Hartlepool, Durham

Elizabeth JARVIS Dau aged 6 born Monkheseldon, Durham

Eleanor JARVIS Daur aged 5 born Castle Eden Colliery, Durham

Mary JARVIS Daur aged 2 born Castle Eden Colliery, Durham

William JARVIS Son aged 1 born Monkheseldon, Durham


Census Place: Woolwich, Kent, England Institution: "Royal Artillery Barracks" Woolwich

James LAWRENCE Unm aged 25 born Bradwell, Derby Occ: Gunner Royal Artillery


Joseph MIDDLETON Boarder Mar aged 40 born Bradwell, Derby Occ: Lead Miner (see William Bramwell entry, these strays for family he was boarding with)


Census Place: North & South Gosforth, Northumberland, England Dwelling: Farm Cottage

Aurther RAWLINSON Head Mar aged 25 born Rodsley, Derby Occ: Milkman

Mary RAWLINSON Wife Mar aged 22 born Bradwell, Derby

Elizabeth E. RAWLINSON Dau aged 6 born Etwall, Derby

Mary RAWLINSON Daur aged 2 born Jesmond, Northumberland


Census Place: Benwell, Northumberland, England Dwelling: White House Benwell Village

Joseph A. SOMERSET Head Mar aged 53 born Bradwell, Derby Occ: Iron Founder

Jane SOMERSET Wife Mar aged 55 born Gateshead, Durham

Suzanne SOMERSET Daur Unm aged 32 born Gateshead, Durham

Annie A. SOMERSET Daur Unm aged 28 born Newcastle, Northumberland

Josephine P. SOMERSET Daur aged 15 born Newcastle, Northumberland


Ruth SOMERSET M/Law Wid aged 66 born Offerton, Derby Occ: Annuitant (for family see Thomas Bateman, these strays)


Census Place: Coxlodge, Northumberland, England Dwelling: 2 Henry St

Edwin TOTHERICK Head Unm aged 37 born Otley, York Occ: Photographer

Amelia TOTHERICK Sister Unm aged 40 born Bradwell, Derby Occ: Photographer