People from around Hope recorded elsewhere

My thanks to Jennie Hudson for the 1851 and 1881 entries & to Mike Spencer for many others

Licenced  as a badger, swailer, drover or huckster at the 1755 Michaelmas sitting of Quarter Sessions - William EYRE of Hope

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19 Jul 1780 Judith BURNET illegit. dau of Sarah of Wainstones, Hope p. (Chapel, Dby)

11 Jun 1805 George EYRE son of Isaac and Elizabeth Eyre of Woodlands, Hope born 1 May 1805  (Registered 27 April 1810 Sunderland Street Chapel, Macclesfield)

11 Jul 1847 William BENNETT son of Joseph & Charlotte of Aston, Hope p., farmer (Chapel, Dby)

20 Sep 1857 William HOBSON son of Wm & Elizabeth of Hope, shoemaker (Derwent, Dby)

20 Mar 1870 Leah TAYLOR dau of George, farmer & Sarah of Thornhill, Dby (Stannington, Ecclesfield p., Yks)

27 Jun 1870 Mary Ellen BENNETT dau of Joseph & Martha Ann of Hope, farmer born 13 May (Hayfield, Dby)

13 Oct 1872 Thomas BENNETT son of Joseph & Martha Ann of `Hope` (sic), farmer born 28 Aug 1872 (Hayfield, Dby)

31 May 1874 Ann TAYLOR dau of George, farmer & Sarah of Thornhill, nr. Hope, Dby (Stannington, Ecclesfield p., Yks)

8 Jul 1877 John Tues? BENNETT son of Joseph Higginbottom & Mary Ann of Hope, farmer born 13 May 1877 (Hayfield, Dby)

23 Apr 1899 Bertha Gladys EYRE dau of Charles & Ann of Brough, Hope p. carter born 6 Apr 1895 (Chapel, Dby)

23 Apr 1899 Walter EYRE son of Charles & Ann of Brough, Hope p. carter born 2 Mar (Chapel, Dby)


17 Jun 1607 son of Tho OUTROOME of Stoke p. Hope (Baslow, Dby)

9 Dec 1610 Henry BURROWS of Hope (Baslow, Dby)

30 Dec 1621 Margaret OUTRAM of Golclife p. Hope (Baslow, Dby)

4 Mar 1639 Robert putative son of John HAGHE of Whitfield & Elizabeth PLATTE of Hope p. (Mellor, Dby)

11 Mar 1726/7 Richard LOWE of Hope p (Chapel, Dby)

11 Oct 1730 Sara WILD wife of Samuel of Over-hill, Hope p. (Hayfield, Dby)

20 Sep 1744 Tho(ma)s KIRK of the Wainstones in Hope p. (Chapel, Dby from BT)

31 Dec 1767 Joseph BRIDDLEBANK of Hope (Earl Sterndale, Dby)

6 Mar 1771 John UNWIN of Hope (Earl Sterndale, Dby)

5 Nov 1781 Letitia TURNER dau of Ann of Hope, Dby (Disley, Chs)

19 Jan 1792 Revd Matthew BARBER, curate of Hope aged 68 (Hayfield, Dby)

1 May 1796 Abram son of Jno & Martha LOMAS of Shatton in Hope p. (Chapel, Dby)

14 Apr 1797 John son of John LOMAS of  Morridge in Hope p. (Chapel, Dby)

1 Jul 1802 On Thursday evening, at Buxton, in this county, Tho. B. BAYLEY, Esq. of Hope.-As an active and intelligent Magistrate, this gentleman's death is a public loss; by his family it must be felt with the deepest sorrow; and by his family if must be felt with the deepest sorrow; and by his numerous friends his memory will long be honoured with the highest regard. (Derby Mercury)

19 Aug 1831 James BENNETT son of James & Mary of Hope aged 13y (Mellor, Dby)

25 Nov 1831 John BENNETT son of James & Mary of Hope aged 29y (Mellor, Dby)

14 Apr 1833 Lydia dau of Tho and late Jane OVEN of Benster in Hope parish aged 18 (Tideswell, Dby)

29 Mar 1838 Hannah BAGSHAW of Hope aged 70 (or 10 ?) (Taddington, Dby)

12 Mar 1843 Elizabeth OLDFIELD dau of Joshua & Ruth of Great Hucklow, Hope p. aged 8m (Mellor, Dby)

11 Dec 1843 James BENNETT of Hope, Dby aged 64y (Mellor, Dby)

27 Apr 1845 Mary HALLAM of Hope aged 28 (Castleton, Dby)

29 Jan 1846 Mary Needham PROCTOR of Hope aged 1m (Edale, Dby)

27 Nov 1851 Robert ASHMORE of Hope p. (from) Union Workhouse aged 79 (Chapel, Dby)

24 Jun 1854 Rachel BAGSHAW of Fulwood in Hope aged 83 (Chapel, Dby)

1 Jul 1857 Deborah GOULD of Hope (from) Union Workhouse aged 7 (Chapel, Dby)

8 Jul 1862 Joseph HAWKESWORTH of Hope (from) Union Workhouse aged 50 (Chapel, Dby)

8 Dec 1863 Mary HAYWARD of Hope aged 73 (Ashford in the Water)

5 Mar 1867 William POLLARD of Hope (from) Union Workhouse aged 55 (Chapel, Dby)

6 Apr 1872 Hannah BENNETT of Hope aged 57y (Mellor, Dby)

29 May 1872 Mary BENNETT of Hope aged 62y (Mellor, Dby)

2 Apr 1886 Francis ROBINSON of Mill Brow, Ludworth - formerly of Hope p. aged 68y

23 Mar 1940 John William Robert JACKSON of Marsh Farm, Hope aged 46 - Pg 34, Entry 267 (Prestbury, Chs)


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12 Jun Ralph BOCKINGE of Offerton, Hope p. yeo. & Dorothy TRYCKET w. of Hope (Norton, Dby) 


27 Mar Robert WOOD of Hope & Mary CLARK (Darley Dale P Church)


6 Jan Thomas THORNILEY otp & Jane BENNIT of Hope (Stockport St. Mary`s, Chs.)


15 Jan Thomae KIRK of Hope & Debora ARMFILD p. Glossope [very faint] (Mellor P Church)


29 Dec John LOWE otp & Sarah EASTWOOD of Hope p (Chapel, Dby)


15 Jan Robert BARBER of Hope p & Lidia SWINDELLS otp (Chapel, Dby)


15 May Matthew OLIVER of Stockport & Dorothy BRADSHAW of Hope (Disley, Chs)


1 Dec Robert LOMAS & Ann JOLE of Hope p. (Chapel, Dby)


18 May Edward WHITE of Hope p. & Ann GEE of Glossop p. (Hayfield, Dby)


17 Apr Edward TURNER otp & Elizabeth LOWE of Hope p (Chapel, Dby)

31 Jul Robert MIDDLETON of Hope & Maria THORPE (Norton, Dby)

29 Dec  William IBBOTSON of Hope p. & Ann OAKES of Hurdsfield (Prestbury P Church)


2 Oct Edward ROWLAND of Hope p & Ann KIRK of Chapel p (Chapel, dby)


21 Aug William COLLIER of Fairfield, Hope p. & Alice SNAPE of Pott (Prestbury, Chs)


29 May John COTTRELL of Hope p & Mary SCHOFIELD of Stockport p (Marple, Chs)


7 Jun Francis VERNON of Hope & Hannah JUDSON of Handley (St. Mary`s, Stockport, Chs)


8 Mar Joshua TIMN of Hope & Jane CHAPMAN of Marple (Stockport St. Mary`s, Chs.)


1 Jan George TAYLER of Stockport & Mary HOLT of Hope (Stockport St. Mary`s, Chs.)


7 Jan Charles KNOWLE of Hope par & Mary LOMAS otp

1752 (top)

2 Dec  John BROCKLEHURST, yeoman of Kettleshulme & Anne GEE of Hope lic. (Prestbury, Chs)


17 Sep William CHATTERTON jun. of Lower Fold, Ludworth & Mary VERNON of Hope p. (Mellor, Dby)


8 Jul William WRIGHT miner and Hannah OLDFIELD of Hope sp. Banns (Eyam, Dby)

12 Jul Henry BRIDGEMAN Esq of St James ,Westminster and Elizabeth SIMPSON of Stoke Hall p Hope sp. Spec Lic. (Eyam, Dby)


10 May James FORD of Hope, carrier, & Hannah SWINDELLS (Chapel, Dby)

17 Jun Wm EYRE, corn factor of Hope & Dolly HAGUE of Glossop p. by licence Wit: John Smith; John Haighe (Glossop, Dby) 

14 Aug Edward FORD, husbandsman, & Mary HARRISON of Hope (Chapel, Dby)


28 Aug Cornelius PRIESTLEY p Hope farmer and Elizabeth SWAN Banns. (Eyam, Dby)


28 Apr Joseph WHITE of Hope p. and Mary GODDARD Banns (Eyam, Dby)

9 Nov Joseph TIMPERLEY and Mary HAWKSWORTH of Hope p. Lic. (Eyam, Dby)


24 Feb Henry HOW of Hope p. wid and Sarah OLDFIELD Spinster Lic. (Eyam, Dby)

15 Sep Jonathan CHAPMAN  of Hope p., miner and Mary VICKERS spinster Banns (Eyam, Dby)


6 Dec John DAIN, skinner & Sarah LOMAS of Hope p. (Chapel, Dby)

14 Dec Robert BENNIT of Hope p. & Mary SWAN (Prestbury P Church)


20 Jul James DAVENPORT of Hope & Ellen BAGGALEY (Duffield, Dby)

17 Sep  William CHATTERTON junior of Lower Fold in Ludworth p. Glossop & Mary VERNON p. Hope  (Mellor P Church)

24 Sep George BOMFORT of Hope, miner and Ann WILSON spinster Banns (Eyam, Dby)

6 Nov Thomas MARSHALL of Hope & Lydia SMEDLEY (Matlock, Dby)


7 May Thomas GOODWIN husbandman of Rainow & Dorothy MORETON of Hope cert. (Prestbury, Chs)


30 Aug Matthew HEWARD, tailor of Hope & Mary PICKFORD wid of Sutton (Prestbury, Chs)


26 May Robert MIDDLETON of Hope & Sarah JENKIN by licence (Norton, Dby)

28 May Isaac LOMAS, husbandman of Hope p. & Sarah POLLARD (Chapel, Dby)


23 Mar Ellias/Ellis DERWENT husbandman of Hope p. & Betty HADFIELD otp (Glossop, Dby)


13 Jul Thomas FORD husbandman otp & Elizabeth HOWE of Hope p. Witnesses: Samual Wainwright; William Atkin (Chapel, Dby)


22 Jun William WAIN of Hope & Sally HADFIELD otp Licence Wit: Charles Wain; Henry Bray (Glossop, Dby)


15 Jun John HILL of Hope p. & Sarah GASKELL otp Licence Wit: James Goodison; Henry Bray (Glossop, Dby)


8 Dec Alexander Benjamin GREAVES clerk of Hope & Ann GREEN otp Licence (Chapel, Dby)


20 Oct Samuel KIRK miller Hope p. & Elizabeth LOMAS otp Licence (Chapel, Dby)

31 Mar George TURNER of Hope p. & Esther HOWARD otp


31 Mar George TURNER of Hope p. & Esther HOWARD otp (Chapel, Dby)


16 Apr Edward VERNON farmer of Hope p. & Martha FORD otp Witnesses: Joseph Vernon; Edward Morten (Chapel, Dby)


1 May  Joseph LOWE & Betty TURNOCK of Hope p. (Taxal, Chs)


23 Dec John WILLIAMSON of Hope p. & Jane Merrill GASKILL otp Wit: Wm Taylor; Thos Williamson (Glossop, Dby)


13 Jan Moses HARRISON wid. & Hannah WILSON of Hope p. Licence Wit: John Harrison; Charity Wilson (Glossop, Dby)


18 Dec James SHAW of full age, bachelor, farmer of The Woodlands, parish of Hope, Dby son of Thomas, farmer & Elizabeth COLLIER, of full age, spinster of King St., Dukinfield, Stockport p. dau of Aaron, grocer licence both signed Wit: Thomas COLLIER; George RONKSLEY (Stockport St. Mary`s)


20 Sep William HOWE & Martha DERWENT of Hope (Chapel-e-l-f, Dby)


5 Jul Joseph WILSON of full age, farmer of Thornhill, Hope p. son of Joseph, farmer & Joseph, farmer & Sarah TAYLOR of full age of Glossop dau of Samuel, labourer Wit: Jonathan Cotterill; Robert Winterbottom (Glossop, Dby)


3 Feb Matthew EYRE aged 27, domestic servant of Taxal son of Francis, farmer & Fanny BENNETT aged 23 of Hope p. dau of John, publican (Taxal, Chs)


22 Jan Joseph JEPSON aged 23, collier of Yeardsley cum Whaley son of William, labourer & Elizabeth JOHNSON aged 23 of Hope p. dau of George, carpenter (Taxal, Chs)


15 Feb John WILSON aged 21, engine driver of Taxal son of Thomas, farmer & Eliza BENNETT aged 22 of Hope dau of John, labourer (Taxal, Chs)


4 Mar John BENNETT aged 26, farmer of Glossop son of Randal, farmer & Martha HADFIELD aged 29,  farmer of Hope dau of William, farmer Wits: Joseph Rowbottom; Mary Bennett (Hayfield, Dby)


30 May Thomas Laurence GEE aged 26, farmer of `Ashes`, Hayfield son of John Thomas, farmer & Eva Vivien DODDS aged 19 of Fernilee, Hope p. dau of Samuel Pedley Dodds, - Wit: Norman Slack; Isabella Green; John T Gee; Sarah Gee; Jane P Dodds (Hayfield, Dby)


                              1851 Census for Warwickshire

 Census Place: Birmingham Birmingham, Warwickshire Address: Mill Street Court 1 House 4, Birmingham

William BLACKBURN Head Mar aged 37 Engine Fitter born Hope-DBY

Mary BLACKBURN Wife Mar aged 34 born Birmingham-WAR

Mary BLACKBURN Daur aged 7 born Birmingham-WAR

William BLACKBURN Son aged 4 born Birmingham-WAR

Rachal BLACKBURN Daur aged 2 born Londondery-IRE


1881 Census

Surname of stray:

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Census Place: Sheffield, York, England Dwelling: 37 Duke Street Lane

John ASHMORE Head Mar aged 34 born Thornhill, Derby Occ: Drayman

Ellen ASHMORE Wife Mar aged 34 born Chapel En Le Frith, Derby

George E. ASHMORE Son aged 13 born Thornhill, Derby Occ: Errand Boy

Emily ASHMORE Daur aged 5 born Sheffield, York

Elizabeth ASHMORE Daur aged 4 born Sheffield, York


Census Place: Dartford, Kent, England Dwelling: 1 East Hill Villa

Jacob BENNETT Head Mar aged 36 born Hope, Derby Occ: Contractors Manager

Louisa BENNETT Wife Mar aged 36 born Bakewell, Derby

John Wm. BENNETT Son aged 12 born Chapelculefirth, Derby Occ: Scholar

Harriett BENNETT Daur aged 10 born Yeardsley, Cheshire Occ: Scholar

Isabella BENNETT Daur aged 4 born Southport, Lancashire

Jacob BENNETT Son aged 2 born Southport, Lancashire

Louisa BENNETT Daur 8 momths born Dartford, Kent

Harriett BAGSHAW Niece Unm aged 20 born Bakewell, Derby Occ: B Of Priv Governess (Domestic Servant)


Census Place: Aldershot, Hampshire, England Dwelling: 4 Havelock St

Francis H. EYRE Head Mar aged 44 born Hope, Derby Occ: Chelsea Pensioner (Lab At Brickworks)

Margaret EYRE Mar Wife aged 36 born New Brunswick, Canada

George EYRE Son aged 13 born Canada

Mary E. EYRE Daur aged 10 born Hilsea, Hampshire

Julia A. EYRE Daur aged 7 born Trowbridge, Wiltshire

Margaret EYRE Daur aged 4 born Aldershot, Hampshire


Census Place: Westoe, Durham, England Dwelling: 9 Seafield Terr

Fred GOULD Boarder Mar aged 31 born Hope, Derby Occ: Actor


Census Place: Darlington, Durham, England Dwelling: 21 Cleveland Lodge

Charlotte GREAVES Boarder Unm aged 36 born Hope, Derby Occ: Teacher (School)


Census Place: Chiswick, Middlesex, England Dwelling: 23 Stanley Ter. Glebe St

Thomas JONES Head Mar aged 40 born Chiswick, Middlesex Occ: Press Man Oil Mills

Ruth JONES Wife Mar aged 34 born Hope, Derby

Gertrude Hannah JONES Daur aged 3 born Boscombe, Sussex

Ada JONES Daur aged 1 born Boscombe, Sussex


Census Place: Lewes All Sts, Sussex, England Dwelling: High Street

Charles J. (M. A.) DANIEL Head Mar aged 68 born Dublin, Ireland Occ: Clergyman Church Of Eng Without Cure Of Souls

Hannah KIRK Serv Unm aged 40 born Hope, Derby Occ: Cook Domestic


Census Place: Brighton, Sussex, England Dwelling: 8 Walpole Road

Emma S. LESLIE Head Wid aged 42 born Hope, Derby

Emma W. LESLIE Dau Unm aged 19 born Madeley, Shropshire

Fanny (Twin) LESLIE Dau aged 17 born Eastbourne, Sussex

Mary (Twin) LESLIE Dau aged 17 born Eastbourne, Sussex

Clara S. LESLIE Dau aged 13 born Birmingham, Warwick Occ: Scholar


Census Place: Bramley, Surrey, England Dwelling: Bramley Street Bramley School

James H. KIDDELL Head Unm aged 52 born Boxford, Suffolk Occ: Schoolmaster

Mary A. MOUSLY Boarder Unm aged 16 born Hope, Derby Occ:Pupil Teacher


Census Place: Lewes All Sts, Sussex, England Dwelling: 9 Friars Walk

Charles ROBINSON Head Mar aged 48 born Hope, Derby Occ: Schoolmaster

Anne ROBINSON Wife Mar aged 40 born Castleton, Derby

(also on Castleton)

Census Place: Streatham, Surrey, England Dwelling: 12 Balham Hill

John Loyd THOMAS Head Mar aged 75 born Begelly, Pembroke, Wales Occ: Silk Broker

Jane THOMAS Wife Mar aged 74 born Hope, Derby

Jane THOMAS Daur Unm aged 33 born Macclesfield, Cheshire


1891 Manchester Ancoats Census

Charles CHEETHAM Head aged 66 Tailor born Hope

Micah EYRES Head aged 58 Overlooker Cotton Mill born Castleton

Rachel EYRES Wife aged59 Housekeeper born Hope

Martha BOLSOVER Visitor (of above) Housekeeper(Dom) born Castleton

Jacob ROBINSON Head aged 60 Earthenware dealer born Thornhill

James WARHURST Head aged 65 Gas Stoker born Great Hucklow