New Mills Wills

A number of Wills for the New Mills area are shown in full on the Glossop Wills page.  Just click on the name to take you there.  My thanks to Michael Spencer & Michelle Cantrill for many of the wills.

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Elizabeth ANDREW of Aspinshaw: 1685


John ANDREW of Aspinshaw: 1681


John ARNFIELD of Thorsetfields: 1716


Christopher ARMFIELD of  Broadhurst: 1594


Robert ARNFIELD of Broad Hurst: 1751


Thomas ARNFIELD of Knight Wick of New Mills, farmer: 1870


Wife Elizabeth

Sons Joseph; Edwin

Witnesses: Thos ARNFIELD jnr; Benjamin ARNFIELD                  Made 1865


John BAWDON of Aspinshaw: 1594


Richard BENNETT, gent. of New Mills, hamlet of Whitle: 1859

mentions: Dau Nancy FRITH

Brother JOHN

Sister Sarah GODDARD and children of sister Sarah

Sister in law Alice JOHNSON; Late Bro in law George JOHNSON

Children of my late Brother in Law Joel SIDEBOTTOM

Nieces Jane BRAYNE; Mary Ann HOWARD; Mary ARDERN; Margaret HEATH; Alice GODDARD; STAFFORD (sic); Martha HAMMOND

Nephews Israel JOHNSON; William JOHNSON; Geo JOHNSON; James JOHNSON; James COOPER; Thomas COOPER

Late nephew Samuel WARD & his children, William and Ann WARD

Late niece Martha CARRINGTON children; Late niece Ann SUTTON children

Great niece Ann WILLIAMSON

Wid of my late nephew James JOHNSON

Cousin Sarah WARREN

Friends William JOHNSON of Marple, Ches., gent; William SIDEBOTTOM of New Mills, druggist

Occupiers Jonathan HOWARD; Peter WARREN; Joseph CLAYTON; Abraham BROOM; Thomas BRADDOCK; John LIVESLEY

Occupiers Sarah GODDARD; Sarah YATES; Rev COLLINS; wid PLUMER


Messrs HIBBERT and ALLCOCK; Messrs John and Charles YATES

James BEARD & James Beard`s sister in law Martha HANDFORD

John PEARSON (pays rent to Richard Bennett)



Alice wid of James SIDEBOTTOM

Elizabeth, Esther & Hannah Ann sisters of William SIDEBOTTOM

James & Ralph brothers of William SIDEBOTTOM

Mary CLAYTON late sister if William SIDEBOTTOM

James SIDEBOTTOM father of William


Servant Hannah FROST (Ten pounds)

Crown Inn, New Mills; Property in Beard and Stockport

Property bought from Edward STRINGER

New Mills Wesleyan Methodist Chapel

Witnesses: Elizabeth POYSER of New Mills; Jane ECCLES; Francis W JOHNSON of Marple

Will Made 1854 Codicil.  

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Isabel BOWDEN of the Haigh: 1690


James BOWDEN of Haigh, Bowden Middle cale: 1691


Samuel BOWDEN of New Mills: 1703


Samuel BOWDEN of New Mill: 1798

Everything left to Executors David BOWDEN of New Mill, joiner & Paul MASON of New Mill, shopkeeper to be converted into cash.

Mentions: Tenants Lidia COOPER - his sister; Mary BOWDEN; Benjamin OLERENSHAW; William BIRCHINHOUGH; Daniel PLATT; Alice BOWDEN

Granddaughter Betty WRIGHT £10

Son John BOWDEN; Daughters Lidia BIRCHINHOUGH; Ellen OLERENSHAW; Mary BOWDEN - to have a fourth of estate each.

Written 6 May 1797

Witnesses Edward JOHNSON; William GARRATT; James WILD

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Edward BOWER of Knightwicke: 1683


George BOWER of Aspinshaw: 1753


John BOWER of Tortopp: 1696 


Thomas BOWER of Tor Top: 1731


Anne BOYER of Torr Top: 1703


Ralph BOYER of the Lower House at Knightwick: 1725


Nicholas BRADBURY of Ollersett, co. Derby: 1575


Robert BRADBURY of Could Harbor: 1731


John BROCKLEHURST of Pieces, Owlerset: 1817


Joseph BROCKLEHURST of Rayworth: 1777 


Mary BROCKLEHURST of Ollerset: 1836


Edmund BUCKLEY of Aspinshaw: 1723 


Edmond CLAYTON of Strindes, Glossop: 1675


Francis CLAYTON of Stryndes, Glossop: 1662   


Mary DEWSNAP of Ollerset, Glossop p.: 1877  


John DRINKWATER of Higher Rowarth, yeoman: 1865

(see Mellor Wills)


Joseph GASKELL of Torr Top, New Mills: 1846

This is the Last Will and Testament of me Joseph GASKELL of New Mills in the parish of Glossop in the County of Derby Machine Printer I direct all my just debts funeral and testamentary expenses to be paid by my Executors hereinafter named so soon as conveniently may be after my decease I give and bequeath all my household goods and furniture bedding and effects whatsoever in my Dwelling House at Torr Top in New Mills aforesaid unto my wife Maria GASKELL for her own absolute use and benefit And I give and bequeath all the rest residue and remainder of my personal estate and effects whatsoever and wheresoever unto my brother James GASKELL of Disley in the County of Chester Labourer and John HIBBERT the Elder of New Mills aforesaid Surgeon their executors administrators and assigns upon Trust in the first place to call in and convert into money such part of my personal estate as shall consist of money out at interest or otherwise and thereby to raise the Sum of Twenty Pounds for the use and benefit of my nephew Joseph CLAYTON the son of my sister Elizabeth and pay the same and the interest thereof to the said Joseph CLAYTON when he attains the age of Twenty One years And upon Trust that they my said Trustees their executors or administrators do and shall place out at interest on good security  the residue of my said estate and effects and pay thereout the sum of Three Shillings weekly and every week to my said wife Maria so long as there shall be sufficient funds for that purpose And in case my said wife shall die before all the said funds of the said residue of my estate and effects shall have been paid to her as aforesaid then I will and direct that such residue shall be paid and divided amongst my next of kin then living in equal shares and proportions And I will and direct that upon payment of any money to my said Executors and which may be owing to my estate the person or persons paying the same shall be fully discharged therefrom and not be answerable for the application thereof And I appoint the said James GASKELL and John HIBBERT the elder executors of this my will And that my said Trustees shall not be answerable for any more money than they shall respectively actually receive nor for any losses to my estate except from wilful neglect and that each shall be entitled to deduct all just and reasonable expenses in the execution of this my will. In Witness whereof I have hereunto set my name or mark the twenty fourth day of January in the year of our Lord one thousand eight hundred and forty six.

The mark X of Joseph GASKELL

Signed and published by the said Testator Joseph GASKELL and by him acknowledged to be his last Will and Testament in the presence of us who in his presence at his request and in the presence of each other have hereunto subscribed our names as Witnesses: Robt RATCLIFFE of New Mills; John HIBBERT junr of New Mills 

On a separate printed sheet:

In the Bishops Court of Lichfield  In the Goods of Joseph GASKELL deceased Appeared Personally James GASKELL of Disley in the parish of Stockport in the County of Chester Labourer and John HIBBERT the elder of New Mills in the parish of Glossop in the County of Derby Surgeon the joint Executors named in the last Will and Testament of the said Joseph GASKELL late of New Mills in the parish of Glossop in the County of Derby Machine Printer Deceased who died on or about the thirtieth of January One thousand eight hundred and forty six and made oath ........etc. etc...........under the value of One Hundred Pounds ......

Sworn on the 30th March 1846 James GASKELL before me Matth FREEMAN Commissioner 


Kezia GASKILL of New Mills: 1912

This is the last Will and Testament of me Kezia GASKILL (spinster) of 41 Chapel Street, New Mills in the County of Derby.  I hereby revoke all Wills and testamentary instruments  heretofore by me made.  I appoint Joseph GASKILL of 41. Chapel Street, New Mills and Herbert GASKILL of 41 Chapel Street, New Mills to be my Executors of this my Will.  I direct my Executors to pay my just debts and Funeral and testamentary expenses.  I give and bequeath unto my Brothers and Sisters Joseph GASKILL; Albert GASKILLEmma BOWDEN; Annie MARTIN (or MORTIN); Herbert GASKILL; Alice HIGGINBOTTOM; Harriet GASKILL; Walter GASKILL; Hannah JOHNSON all I now possess or may hereafter become possessed of real and personal estate to be divided among them share and share alike for their absolute use.  Witness my hand this third day of April 1912 (signed) Kezia GASKILL

Signed by the above named Testator as her last Will in the presence of us both being present at the same time who in her presence and in the presence of each other have hereunto subscribed our names as witnesses.

Walter FERNLEY, clerk of Ash Cottage, New Mills

James RICHARDSON, warehouseman of 39 Chapel St., New Mills

On the 7th day of December 1912 Probate of this Will was granted at Derby to Joseph GASKILL and Herbert GASKILL the Executors


Peter GASKELL late of New Mills: 1808

William VYSE, Clerk, Doctor of Laws, Vicar General of the honorable and right reverend Father in God James, by Divine permission, Lord Bishop of Lichfield and Coventry, To Samuel GRUNDY Clerks, jointly and severally Greeting: Whereas we have decreed Letters of Administration of the Goods and Personal Estate of Peter GASKELL late of New Mill, in the parish of Glossop in the county of Derby and Diocese of Lichfield and Coventry deceased, who died intestate a widower (as is alledged) to be granted to the Reverend Thomas GASKELL the natural and lawful son of the said deceased; We therefore Commit and Grant to you jointly, and severally, full Power and Authority, as well to administer the Oath under-written, to the said Thomas GASKELL And what you shall do in the Premises you are to Certify us, or our Surrogate within three months from the date hereof, Provided nevertheless that this Commission shall be of no Effect unless certified and transmitted to Us within that time: Dated at Lichfield the Fourth Day of July in the year of our Lord 1808

(signed) Wm MOTT D Regl.

 Your oath is, that you believe Peter GASKELL deceased died without a Will, that you are his natural and lawful son and will faithfully administer his Goods and personal Estate, that you will pay his Debts, as far as his Goods and personal Estate will extend, and the law charge you; that you will make a true Inventory thereof, and a just account of your Administration, and exhibit the same into the Bishops` Registry at Lichfield, when you are thereunto lawfully required; and that the Goods Chattels and Credits of the said Deceased as they were at his Death without deducting Debts owing by the said deceased therefrom, do not amount in Value to the sum of Twenty Pounds    So help you God etc.

When he died? On the 8th Day of July 1808

This Commission was duly executed and the said Thomas GASKELL Clerk was sworn according to the tenor of the above oath Before me, Samuel GRUNDY Comm(issioner)


William GASKELL of Laneside: 1690

I William GASKELL of the Lane Side in beard in the county of Derby doe by these agents make this my Last will and testament in manner and forme following first it is my will and mind that all my Just Debts hariots and funerall expenses whatsoever be taken out of my personall estate And the remainder of my goods to be divided Equally amongst my three younger children

Allso it is my will and mind that my wife and children shall enjoy and posses this my tenement at the Lane syde on which I now live untill such time as my oldest sonn William attains to the age of one and twenty yeares.  And then it is my will and mind that hee shall enter upon the one halfe of this tenement paying the summe of one hundred and fifty pounds unto his younger brother Peeter and his twoo sisters equally to be divided amongst them of which said summe it is my will and mind that my youngest sonne Peeter shall receive his proportion within the space of one yeare after my sonn William shall attain to that age of one and twenty And within the space of twoo yeares after to pay the remainder of the above sd sumes  to his sisters Esther and Sarah And to pay the same within two whole years after Peeter hath received his proportion; And it is my will and mind that in case any of my younger children dye before their proportion becomes due & payable that then and in such case it is my will and mind that the two surviveing children shall receive either of them sixteen pounds apeece more from the sd William my sonn; And it is my will and mind that in case my eldest sonn William dye before hee attains to the age of one & twenty yeares that then my wife and children shall enjoy and posses my sd tenement untill such time as my youngest sonn Peeter shall attain to the age of one & twenty years and then that hee shall pay to either of his sisters Ester and Sarah to either of them three score pounds within the the space of one whole yeare after hee enters & is possess of  the sd tenement.  Also it is my will and mind that all such sume and sumes of money or goods as are herein specified shall be received and payd into the hands of my Executor hearafter mentioned to bee Imployed  & Improoved for the use & benefit of my younger children; And I doe hearby nominate constitute & apoynt my Loveing brother Lancelott SEDDEN And my Loveing friend & neighbor Thomas HADFIELD my Executor of this my Last will and testament.

William GASKELL his mark & seale

Signed and sealed in the presence of us

Peeter GASKELL; James GASKELL; Thomas GASKELL     

There is an Inventory plus a further sheet written on behalf of the executors Lancelot SEDDON of Romiley, yeoman & Thomas HADFIELD of Bowdon Middlecale, yeoman stating that they will not  act on the probate of the will.  They recommend that William GASKELLS brothers James & Thomas take their place.  The document is witnessed by Edw DAVENPORT; Ralph NICHOLSON; Zachary WOOD; William FROGGETT?


William GREENE of Knightweeke Inventory : 1592/3

A true Inventory of all the goods movable & immovable of William GREENE late of Knightweeke in the parish of Glossop and township of Bowdon, ..... on the 10 day of Jan and in the 35th year of the reign of our ........ Lady Elizabeth Anno Do 1592

(I found this so difficult to read that what I can decipher I have put into modern text)

Imprimis pair hind and one heifer  

Item one horse

Item 19 sheep

Item one swine

Item corn

Item hay

Item one pair of plough irons

Item one farrow

Item brass & pewter

Item bedding

Item 3 .... and a window shee...

Item one coffer & one ark

Item Meale

Item 2 board & irons, tongs, gripped and ...... .......

Item ..... ware

Item Apparel

Item Debts owing to the said William

Imprimis John MOORE


Item Edmond WYLDE

Item Randulph HIBERT

Item Robert COTTRELL

The appraisers of the goods Anthonie STAFFORD Godfrey HYDE David? HAIGHE & Rodger HOLLINGWORTHE


Joseph HALL of Ollersett, Glossop: 1844


John HANDFORD of Beard: 1875

Mentions: nephew John HANDFORD


Wit: Samuel FAIRALL Auctioneer of New Mills; Charles FAIRALL Goods Agent of New Mills

Will made 1873


John HARROP of Thornsett, Glossop: 1779


Henry HEWARD of Raworth: 1619


Randle HIBBERT of Whytle: 1717


Lavinia HIBBERT of New Mills, spinster: 1870


Brothers John HIBBERT dec.; James HIBBERT

Occupier Caroline HIBBERT

Father un-named - left Will

Witnesses: Thomas SWALLOW, sergeant of New Mills; David ASHWORTH Clerk of New Mills

made 1867


John HOPWOOD of Low Leighton, New Mills, farmer: 1866


Brothers William; Joseph; James

Sisters Nancy; Elizabeth; Martha; Hannah

John TAYLOR of Low Leighton, Land Surveyor

Heskey GODDARD of New Mills, butcher

property in Thornset

Witnesses: Jacob MARSHALL; George MARSHALL 

made 1862


John HORROX of New Mills, stationer and book seller High St: 1873


wife Achsah

John MARSH Manchester cotton spinner

Alice WARDLEWORTH   "now residing with me"

Ann  wife of Wm HORROX of Manchester

Mary GOODWIN 117 Pyne St Frankfort,Philadelphia USA wid.

Deborah RYDER Pendleton; Isaiah HORROX  Lever St Manchester; Luke HORROX Oldham

Hezekiah WARDLEWORTH Radcliffe; James WARDLEWORTH Manchester railway porter

Rev Joseph OGLE New Mills; Mark INGHAM New Mills

Witnesses: John Marshall PURSGLOVE joiner; Heskey GODDARD butcher


HYDE Wills


James INGHAM of High Street, New Mills, clothier: 1866

mentions: Wife Mary Ann

Sons Mark; David

Sister Elizabeth LEES and her dau Harriet

Property at Eaves Knowle in hamlet of Whitle occupied by George BOYLE

Occupiers: Robert HEGINBOTHAM; Joseph WHARMBY; Deborah ELLIOTT; George REDFERN.

Occupiers: William HORROX; Abraham BOWDEN; George POOLE cottages nr High Street

Occupiers: George NOWELL; John WRIGHT; Nicholas HEYWOOD on Lower Rd or Meal Street.

Miss Elizabeth CLAGUE or CEAGUE or LEAGUE

Workshop in occupation of John JACKSON

Son Lawe INGHAM and his wife Mary Ellen.

Witnesses: J HORROX; John HIBBERT


William LONGSON of New Mills, Glossop p., tailor and draper: 1866

Dau: Elizabeth MASON of New Mills

House and shop at Market St., New Mills

Friends William PLEASANT of Ashton under Lyne, gardener; Thomas HADFIELD of New Mills, grocer 

Witness: Robert COLLIER, Letter press printer

William Andrew LEIGH, Letter press printer of 17 Higher Bridge St., Lancashire Hill, Stockport


Peter McCABE of New Mills, printer late 4 Clifton Road Fairfield nr Buxton: 1877

mentions: wife Sarah Frances


Hooton HARRISON Clerks to Messrs A and G W FOX Solr Manchester - made 1870


James MIDDLETON of  Thornsett : 1857


Emanuel MOULT of  Strines: 1855


Benjamin OLLERENSHAW of New Mills: 1822


John RANDALL of Strines: 1680


 John RIDGWAY of Aspinshaw: 1637


John RIGG Clerk in Holy Orders of New Mills: 1869

mentions wife Mary

Nephew George Wilson RIGG

Dau of my cousin Thomas Randle BENNETT of Stoke Newington Middx.Esq

Sisters Sarah wife of Thomas SIDDELEY of Cheadle Gent.; Elizabeth GILLMORE of Wavertree, Lancs widow

Friend Rev William PRICE

Godsons John Rigg HODGSON; William PRICE

Goddau Katherina Wentworth BENNETT

Witnesses: J L HODGSON Solr of Manchester; Robert BROWN Clerk with J L HODGSON Solr Manchester 

made 1867


James SHAW of Rowarth, Glossop p. farmer: 1863

mentions: Late wife

Sons: Lee SHAW & Thomas

 Daughters: Hannah wife of Thomas MARSHALL; Mary CHADWICK; Elizabeth SHAW

Granddau: Elizabeth SHAW dau of James SHAW my son dec.

Graves at Charlesworth Chapel

Witnesses: James HOWE; James ARNFIELD; Joseph Carrington BRADDOCK

made 1860


Elizabeth SLATER of New Mills widow: 1877


Dau Sarah Butler JACKSON

Four nephews Tho. JACKSON; James Harry JACKSON; Walter Slater JACKSON; John Frederick JACKSON

Grand dau. Alice Maude JACKSON

Property at Bleasby occupied by Henry FOSTER

Witnesses: Elizabeth Ann WISEMAN; Henry BARBER

Made 1866




Richard SYLVESTER of Thornsettebanck: 1640


Jacob TAYLOR of New Mills: 1880

This is the last will and testament of one Jacob TAYLOR of New Mills in the County of Derby Yeoman. I direct all my just debts funeral and testamentary charges and expenses to be paid and discharged by my executors hereinafter named and out of my personal estate.  I give and bequeath all my household furniture plate linen and china unto my dear wife Mary for her own absolute use and benefit.  I give devise and bequeath unto my friend Henry BARBER of New Mills aforesaid Bank manager my son Samuel TAYLOR and my son in law  James WELLS all the rest residue and remainder of my personal estate and also all my real estate whatsoever and whosoever  Upon trust to collect get in and receive the rents issues and profits thereof and to stand possessed of the same upon trust to pay there out the sum of twelve shillings per week unto my said wife during her life or until she shall marry again such sum to be payable on the Monday in each week and to become due and payable immediately upon my decease and frozen and immediately after the decease or second marriage of my said wife.  I direct my said trustees or the survivors or survivor of them shall with all commercial speed after my decease call in and convert into money such part of my said personal estate as shall not consist of money and also sell and dispose of all my said real estate by public auction or private contract [       ] and shall stand possessed of the money arising from such sale and conversion and of such part of my personal estate as shall consist of money and also of the accumulations of the rents and profits of my said real estate which shall have accumulated during the lifetime of my said wife or until her second marriage upon trust  to divide the same into nine equal parts or shares as to one of such parts or shares I  leave my trustees or trustee.  [           ] the same [    ] these on his names or name or upon any stocks funds or securities of or guaranteed by the government of the United Kingdom or of [          ] or of any other British [P            ]  [          ] [       ] stock of the Bank of England or the London [           ]  or debenture  stock or performance stock or performance shares of any Railway or other company in great Britain incorporated [   ] act of parliament Royal charter and paying a [              ] and  [     ]  ordinary clerk [        ] [   ]  or upon [            ]  [         ] [     ] in England [  ] [            ]  [            ] [           ] [      ]  at their or his direction to vary the said investments  into or from others of a like nature and to stand possessed of the interest dividends and annual produce there of upon trust  to pay the same unto my daughter Sarah for her role and [              ]  so long as her husband Samuel BEAUMONT lives but in case the said Samuel BEAUMONT shall die before my said daughter then I direct that she shall stand possessed of the said one ninth share absolutely and in case my said daughter shall depart this life before her said husband then I direct my said trustees or trustee or the survivors or survivor of them to stand possessed of the said one ninth part or shares upon trust  to divide the same equally between and amongst  my grandsons Jacob TAYLOR, Jacob Marsland TAYLOR, William TAYLOR and Thomas WELLS as tenants on common and as to another such ninth part or shares I bequeath the same unto my son James TAYLOR absolutely another of such ninth part of shares I bequeath unto my daughter Martha the wife of James WELLS absolutely for her sole and [                      ]  another [        ] ninth parts or shares I bequeath unto the children of my late daughter Hannah share and share alike tenants in [               ] and to the issue of such of them as shall not be living a [                 ] leaving issue such issue taking amongst them the part share only to which his her or their parents would have been entitled if having another of such ninth parts or shares.  I bequeath into my daughter Elizabeth the wife of John CHATTERTON absolutely for her sole and separate use one of such ninth parts or shares.  I bequeath into my son Joseph TAYLOR absolutely another of such ninth parts or shares. I bequeath into my son John TAYLOR absolutely another of such ninth parts or shares.  I bequeath unto my daughter Mary the wife of Eli MARSLAND absolutely for her sole and separate use and the remaining one ninth parts or share.  I bequeath unto my said son Samuel TAYLOR absolutely I devise and bequeath all [     ]   to which [ ] [                     ] any trust or by [    ] [    ] unto the said Henry BARBER Samuel TAYLOR and James WELLS their heirs executors administrators and [     ]  according to the nature and quality thereof [               ] [   ]  [   ] [      ] to [           ] and [           ][          ] the [    ] [                   ] [             ] [               ] that the [      ] [            ] [                          ] afore said [      ] [             ] to any moneys payable to them or him under the trusts of this my will shall effectually discharge the person or persons to whom the same shall be given his heir or their executors administrators [  ] [    ]  from all liability in respect of the application of the monies herein respectively mentioned to be received.  And I declare that every trust of this my will shall be [         ] only for [    ] arising from his own wilful default and may retain and allow to his co-trustee any [     ] incident to the execution of the trust of this my will. And I [           ] the said Henry BARBER Samuel TAYLOR and James WELLS the executors of this my will and I hereby revoke all other wills and declare this alone to be my last will and testament.  In [    ] whereof I have to this my last will contained on this and [   ]   [   ] sheets of paper [    ] hand this nineteenth day of April one thousand eight hundred and eighty

(Signed) Jacob TAYLOR

Signed by the said Jacob TAYLOR as and for his last will and testament in the presence of [   ] [      ]   at the same time who at his request in his presence and in the presence of each other have hereunto [           ] our names [           ]

William SIDEBOTTOM of Market Street New Mills

Tho U JOHNSON Solicitor of Stockport

Proved at Derby the seventeenth day of November 1880 by the oath of Henry BARBER Samuel TAYLOR the son and James WELLS the executors to who administration was granted.

The Testator Jacob TAYLOR [   ] [    ] of New Mills in the County of Derby Yeoman and died on the twenty eighth day of April 1880 at New Mills afore said.

              Personal estate under £15.00


Samuel TAYLOR of Birch Cottages Furness Vale: 22nd August 1907

This is the last will and testament of me Samuel TAYLOR of Birch Cottages Furness Vale in Stockport Cheshire.  I give and bequeath to my wife Elizabeth the whole of my property and other belongings for her use and benefit during her life time.  And at her death it is my wish and intention that the said property and other belongings be equally divided between my two sons Jacob and John JosephJacob my eldest son to have the two houses known as Sunny Bank and my second son John Joseph to have the two houses known as Birch Cottages.

I appoint my two sons to be my executors.  In witness where of I have hereunder signed my name this seventh day of June one thousand nine hundred and seven.

(Signed) Samuel TAYLOR

The will was signed and the name was written by the testator in the presence of us present at the same time who at his request and in his presence and in the presence of each other sign our names as witness

Lydia Wigley

William Alfred Bradbury

On the 22nd August 1907 testate of this will was granted at Chester to Jacob TAYLOR and John Joseph TAYLOR the executors.


James THORPE of Hague Bar: 1860  


James THORPE of Hague Fold Farm: 1901


Mary TRICKETT of Ringstones: 1715/6


Ottiwell WATERHOUSE of Lanesyde in Ollersett: 1637 


John WHARMBY of New Mills, grocer and confectioner: 1870

mentions: wife Mary Ann

Sons John Thomas; James


Witnesses: Thomas HADFIELD, grocer; Robert COLLIER, postmaster


John WILD of Bate Mill, Whitle, (New Mills), Glossop p. mentions:

Brother Joel of Bate Mill, farmer

Witnesses: Joseph FROST; John TAYLOR

made 1857