Extracts from Newspapers

From The Times Mon 1 April 1816

On the 25th ult. an inquest was taken by James MANDER esq. one of the coroners for Derbyshire, at Ladyshaw-bottom, in the parish of Glossop,

on the bodies of Mary, Daniel, Elizabeth, and Rachel BRADBURY: the eldest aged 18, Daniel and Elizabeth (twins) 14, and Rachel 11, the

children of Peter BRADBURY, od Ladyshaw-bottom, labourer, who, at eight o'clock on the 24th ult. gave to each of his children a strong dose of

white arsenic, thinking it was cream of tartar; the three youngest died about noon the same day, and the eldest at midnight following, after 

every exertion had been used, but in vain, to counteract the fatal effects of the poison, when the discovery was made: the father had also 

taken a quantity of the poison himself along with his children, but is expected to recover.



With regret we report the death of Mr. Chas. Ratcliffe, of Bate Mill Row, which occurred on Saturday.  Aged 65, Mr. Ratcliffe was a Lincolnshire man, but had resided in this district for a long period.  For many years he was employed by Messrs. John W. Swindells, Ltd., builders.  In the district he was generally respected, and he leaves a widow and family. The funeral took place on Tuesday at the Parish Church, Rev. G. T. Perry (vicar) officitating.  Mourners were: Mrs. Ratcliffe (widow), Mr. Arthur Ratcliffe (son), Miss Edith Ratcliffe, Miss Edna Ratcliffe (daughters), Mr. John Hill (son-in-law), Mr. and Mrs. J. Ratcliffe, Mrs. C. Swift, Mr. and Mrs. Hurley, Mr. and Mrs. J. T. Mason, Mr. and Mrs. J. Fielding, Mr. and Mrs. J. Wright, Mr. and Mrs. R. Wright, Mr. and Mrs W. Wright, Miss Eva Wright, Mr. and Mrs. J. Wigley (brothers and sisters), Mrs. Hill, Mrs. Plummer, Mr. C. W. Swindells represented Messrs. John W. Swindells Ltd. Bearers were Messrs J. T. Mason, J. Fielding, J. Wright, R. Wright, W. Wright, and J. Wigley. Floral tributes were from: Loving wife and family; John, Mary and Mrs. Hill; brothers and sisters; Mr. and Mrs. Hurley; Mrs. Plummer; John, Nettie and Lilian; Auntie Annie, Jack and family; May and Ervine; Billie, Jessie and Eva; Uncle John, Elsie and family; Robert and Eva; neighbours of Bate Mill road. Messrs. John W. Swindells, Ltd., were the undertakers.